major bar problems :(please help !!!coaches, gymnastics ?

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i have been having major bar problems this year :(i cant get my kick up around bar or my back hip circle .....any TIPS or HINTS for getting my kick up around bar and bhc ??im 15 and have been doing recreational gymnastics for 3 years and i have become more flexible but not strong at all that my weakness ??


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Aug 25, 2007
North Carolina
Chin holds on the bar and lots of abdominals, sit ups, v-ups, ab roller, push ups. Lots of strength training. Also be sure to keep your head in, if you drop it Back you won't make it


An interesting tip I got recently for back/free/clear hip is to the chicken head bob exercise.

We all know how chicken heads bob forward and backward when walking.

We want the head neutral in these maneuvers. If we pull the chin in, we are actually counter rotating the upper portion of the body in relation to the feet (opposite lever). Head out and they fly off the bar. Counter rotate and they don't have enough momentum and they peel off.

So anyways, in the chicken head bob drill; in the rear phase is what we would have our ideal head position. It's like we are pulling the back of our head backwards. Kinda like when a car accelerates and our head goes backward into the headrest.
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