Major Setback number 2 :(

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Nov 29, 2008
Minn eee sooo ta! :)
So I haven't posted in a very long time as I have been super busy coming back from a torn acl in order to compete my first level 10 season. However, 3 weeks ago I fell on floor and tweaked my knee. I went to a couple doctors and they all said it was fine. I went back to my surgeon and finally got a MRI scheduled. As it turns out, I tore my acl again with some minor miniscus damage, same exact thing as last time. Surgery is scheduled for Friday and now I have some major decisions to make regarding continuing gymnastics, and moving back home.
awwwww i soo sorry! i konw that you will make the right decision. i hope you surgery goes well. it is such a bummer that you got reinjured.
one question- whyare you not living at home? are you at college or something?
will be thinking of you on fri. and hoping things will go well. You still have time to be a great college gymnast. I hope i'm right on this but Lead the Legacy?
Thinking of you! So wicked sorry to hear that! Best of luck your way, it will work out either way!!
I'm so sorry to hear about this, it really stinks when it just seems to be one injury after another. Just take things one step at a time and maybe things will work out just fine after all. Best wishes with the surgery and the decision making process.
Oh my gosh. I'm so sorry to hear that. I hope you feel better. Hopefully it doesn't happen again. Be careful. Feel better!
Yeah, I never thought it would happen again, and on floor both times, my least favorite and lowest scoring event. So I think I am going to go back to gymnastics and not compete floor and maybe not vault either. In college, I wouldn't compete all around anyways, and this way I can spend more time on bars and beam, my strong events, and maybe get noticed for them in my senior year. I caught another jaeger today :)
I am sorry to hear about your injury.

I hope you have a quick recovery. It sounds like you had a nice attitude and a great support system to help you through this rough time.
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