Make It or Break It --- ABC Family --- June 22nd 9/8c

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I loved the show, even though they were kinda bad at acting, Sasha is kinda sexy. Am i allowed to say that? haha
DH and I have stayed up some nights the past week or so watching the episodes. (I actually missed 2 or 3, though.) It was addicting, although I think we were drawn in more for the discussions we'd have about the reality/unreality of the show and curiousity about what would happen than for the quality of the show, which is debatable. Some of it is laughable, but, basically, I like it, I'm interested in the characters, and I am curious about what will happen next. Our dd, who will soon be 10, will not watch it, though--our choice. In later years, if she's interested, I can see us watching it and discussing issues in it together. I think that'd actually be fun, but she's too young right now, IMO.

After Payson fell in the last episode, my knee-jerk reaction was, "Oh, no! She should've taken the drugs!" followed by shock that I had reacted that way. DH immediately said, "That's the problem! What kind of message is that?" We were both a bit disgusted and horrified by the message sent there, however realistic it may have been (and, as has been clear throughout this thread, the realism in this show is not so high ;)). It will be interesting to see if they develop that line a bit more to try to make it clear that she was in the right for not lying and not taking the drugs so much, just as, from my perspective, they showed that teenage sex is not in the best interest of the teens, after all.
i thought it was good not great not bad.but some of it was very unrealistic.the first show i was VERY dissapointed with!!!! but as the season progressed it got better.and i was antecipating the finale.but they added a lot of drama but thats what you got to do to make an interesting tv show! but overall it is a good show
I would like to address all the unrealistic replies.

Of course it is unrealistic. Everyday life in the gym is sometimes dramatic but most of the time it isn't. To make a show that appeals to a broad range of people you have to make the show dramatic and stretch reality a bit to keep the viewers tuning in and keep those advertising dollars coming.

For example. I am currently in the navy and was on a submarine for four years. Sometimes you get a lot of action such as a fire or a problem with the reactor. I'd say 99% time it's just business as usual. If you made a movie about the average life of a submariner you would probably get every submariner tuning in... but probably not too many others.

If you make a show such as Crimson Tide or K-19 they make a bunch of drama. They stretch the truth and make things completely unrealistic. It's funny to us because we actually do the job.

So in a show like this they know they are exaggerating and making much more drama than would normally exist. This really sells the show and has other people that really aren't interested in gymnastics tuning in. So just take the show for what it's worth.
Don't expect it to depict the everyday life of a typical club.

Just my two cents.
Absolutely, JMD. If it was realistic, it wouldn't be very Hollywood, would it? I watched it with the expectation that it would be a Hollywood version of gymnastics, and it met that expectation. Yes, this stuff probably does happen, allthough not all at once in one gym, I'm sure (okay--maybe I HOPE), and I do think it's fun to talk about the situations with my dh. I had to practically be coerced into watching it at first because I'd heard bad things about it, one of which was its unrealism, but, as I said in my original post, it managed to draw me in, unrealism and all.
i personally liked the show. i do think though that they could have layed off on the language!! also on the teenage sex, i think it might be a little too much because so kids i workout with watch it! :O But other than that i love it!! I really hope that payson will somehow be able to compete and that they don't move
I really love the show. It hasn't yet come to Australia but I have been watching them all online.
Being a teen I like all of the teenage drama and romance and how they have to deal with drugs and sex just like some teens have to be faced with.

I don't know how Payson will recover, I hope she does because the show wouldn't be the same without her.
The only reason I watch this is because of the gymnastics, but there is not enough gymnastics in it! I am annoyed by the drama too. One of the many things that is awesome about gymnastics is that it makes teens' minds much less hormonal. I noticed this myself and I am 15 and only competing Level 5 skills! I barely ever notice boys because I'm so focused on school and gymnastics and there's plenty of time for that stuff later on. I hate how there is so much focus on those other aspects of teen life! Plus there is way too much hanging around in the gym/going to the chalk bucket/waiting in line! In my gym we are barely allowed to stand around for 5 second! And if you do they make you condition. And I don't even have particularly strict coaches! And sorry but those skills are NOT elite level! Some of the 7s at my gyms' bar routine look exactly like that!!! (but with better form) ahhh it makes me mad!!!
i totally agree with u i am a level 9 and i do higher level tricks than that!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
But it isn't a show made for gymnasts, it is a show made about some gymnasts and their lives. THe actual gymnastics is an aside from the drama, frankly I love it when they go ninja on some bullies or their landings make huge noises. Also winning NAtionals with a layout is every kids dream!
MIOBI may not hit the mark for olympic gymnastics, but it's good to finally have gymnastics as entertainment on TV since every other sport does, which is why I laugh at the corny elite gymnastics that is supposed to be olympic level, and I enjoy it on TV for who knows how short it could be.
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