WAG making a gym change for one kid but leaving the other

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Aug 7, 2014
We have finally made the decision to make a gym change for YDD. Neither she nor I can take the negativity any longer. ODD is going to stay (provided gym doesn't kick her out - they know YDD is not coming back, they just don't know she is going elsewhere. Well, actually ODDs two coaches know b/c I asked them is there would be backlash, and they said no, but the owner/head coach doesn't know yet) since she has different coaches and really wants to stay with her friends. The new gym is 100% supportive of having the girls at two different gyms, and has said if things change for ODD she is also welcome there, even if it is half way through the season, they will make it work. Can I just tell you how refreshing this is.The new gym is nowhere near as competitive, but after stressing about this for too many years, it doesn't matter, I want my happy child back, not one who cries before and after every practice and whose self esteem has plummeted since her coach wouldn't speak to her at the last meet.

YDD is going in again tomorrow to work with the owner and figure out a plan. I believe the current plan is to score her out of 4 and 5 and compete 7, although that makes me nervous. She doesn't care about her scores as much as she cares about getting new skills, so the idea of competing silver again, for a third year, as punishment for not trying hard enough, just wasn't going to work for her. She seems to be excited to get back into the gym - I pulled her two weeks ago. The new gym doesn't have xcel, so she will be trying JO, just not sure of the level. She probably has the skills needed for 7, but I also know nothing about JO so who know.
There is a girl at my DDs gym who left a more competitive gym for ours for the kid’s mental health. Sister stayed at the original gym in Xcel. It works for them, and both gyms are aware. Our gym is open to sister joining too.
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I have my son and daughter at two different gyms. It was a touchy situation at first, when my daughter switched gyms, but now no one cares.
Around here it is not uncommon to have siblings at different gyms. Different gyms offer different types of training and programs and suit kids differently.
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