For Coaches Making a new Gymnastics Scheme for REC and Leisure Centers, Would you be interested in using and suggesting on it? [Aimed at UK]

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Mar 29, 2022
In response to BG's cancellation to their proficiency scheme, our club has decided to create its own Scheme of badges & Awards to replace our 1-8 badges.

I am leading the creation of this scheme and it has come to our attention that other clubs may be in similar circumstances?
Would something like this interest you if I found a place to share the whole scheme (All free don't worry)?

The Scheme is based off the curriculum of the "Activity Instructor" (Also know as Award Leader level 2) Which is the fasted & Easiest "Level 2" Coaching award. Due to the local lack of coaches, we will be having several of the coaches start, and to make sure that they don't teach beyond their qualification, the scheme will only include what they can lead.

If anyone has interests or questions, please respond
Not open for further replies.