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Well - the wrist still isn't where it should be and she is just frustrated - it is not fun not being able to do anything. Lately half the times she has practice she just doesn't want to go. So today I told her I wanted her to take a month off not only to get better, but to figure out whether she really truly still wants this. She admits it is hard leaving at 8:00 in the morning for school, going straight to gym after, not getting home until after 9:00 and then coming home, showering and doing homework until 10:30 or 11:00. She freaked out when I told her I was making her take a break though. I went to the gym and spoke to her coaches - they understand but of course tried to talk me out of it. I am so confused - I really hope I am doing the right thing. As her mom I just feel I have to put her health and well being above a sport right now. It is just so hard since it has been such a huge part of her life (and mine) for so long.
Sep 19, 2008
Hey there, don't be sad! You're her mom, I'm sure you're doing what's best, 'cause you know best! Maybe use the extra time to go and do some mom & daughter stuff so it doesn't seem so bad! Mani/pedi anyone???

If you need a laugh, go to the off-topic Caturday thread. It's been 'one of those days' so I needed a laugh too :)
Feb 26, 2007
I totally get where you are coming from, dealing with injuries is such a stressful thing. When I had to take big DD out of gym for 5 weeks it was very tough. She had nothing else to fill her time with except hanging out with us at home. We would bike ride, take her swimming etc.

But it did clarify in her mind that she really did want to go back to gymnastics, we gave her the choice not to return to the gym, she really wanted it. The coaches were great with us and have kept her in the same group.

For me, I just knew I had to do something as nothing was healing whilst she kept trying to do stuff in the gym and then continually setting herself back.

Now looking back on it, it was the best thing I ever made her do. Her sis still did gym, which was tough all around. But to have the full knowledge that we gave her injuries thebest chance to heal was reassuring.

Of course in a way we are lucky, DD was able to return to gym, she did miss a lot of the cool summer training, but she seems to be doing fine. Who knows what would've happened if she hadn't got better in the 5 weeks.

You are being a wise Mom, it is your job to do this, nobdy else knows Fliipy like you do, you have to do what you think is best. Coaches do not always see the big picture. Maybe this will also give Flippy a chance to reassess what she wants from gym.

Here are some (((((((((hugs))))))))) for you both, you lot helped me through the tough times, we'll be here for you both.


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Mar 9, 2008
:nurse: Being a nurse & a mom I have to say I think you are making the right choice. You have considered DD's long term health and I commend you for that. Some parents at our gym are so caught up in thier DD's winning & moving up....they lose sight of what REALLY matters. You've made a hard choice...but it IS what is best for your DD. Don't 2nd guess yourself. Here's a hug of support :hug:
Mar 5, 2008
North America
I think you are making the right choice as well. Afterall, moms know best and you are absolutely right to put her health and well being above ANY sport. I'm sure she is freaking out right now about the thought of not going to the gym and she is scared because it has been her life for so long. I think the time off is good for anyone going through an injury and it helps put things in perspective. She is still young and she still has many gymnastics years ahead of her.

I know it's hard because as mothers we want to make our kids happy and right now your dd is probably not the happiest because of her injury. It can be very frustrating. Let her know that this is only a break and she can do a lot of fun stuff that she normally woudn't have time for if she was at the gym all the time.

It'll be okay. Hugs to you both from me and Dani.

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Proud Parent
Proud Parent
Sep 25, 2007
I think that you are making the decision based on your love and concern for your daughter and that usually can't steer you wrong. Injuries are so hard to have to deal with. I hope that the month off gets her wrist better and that it will also help her to decide whether she wants to go back or not. I agree. Do some fun mother/daughter things and enjoy that time together. Hugs to both of you. I am sure it was a hard decision for you to make. Sending lots of healing vibes to your DD.


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Aug 16, 2008
Aww...of course you are making the right choice! It sounds like she really does need a breather, physically and mentally. I am quite sure that the time off is going to be good for her. When she goes back, she'll be rested and ready to go, if that's what she wants. Hugs to you both!
I feel for you! I know it is probably very hard for her, but you're her mother- you are doing the right thing. Hey, who knows? Maybe that 1 month break is all her wrist needs to get better:)

Good luck! ((((HUGS))))


Now of course that it is pouring rain right now and I'm sitting in my pj's drinking coffee instead of getting ready to drive her to gym - maybe this won't be so bad :p

Seriously though, I am a firm believer in sometimes needing to step back from something to see the whole picture. I figure in a month she will either realize all she wants to do is gym and go back healthy with no doubts, or she will realize that life without gym is kinda nice. Thank you all so much for your support - it really does help so much :)

gym law mom

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Dec 23, 2006
Dealing with pain wears anyone down and your dd has had this wrist problem for 3-4mos? already. I'm sure its worn her down and just doing all the running around to go to the gym and just condition is very dull. Some time off is probably a good option right now. Lets her have some "free" time after school, spend more time with the family and not hurt so much. When does she go back to see the doctor? Depending on how she feels then and what the specialist recommends, may help you both make a decision on continuing or stopping the sport.

I commend you for saying "enough for now." Now, go read the paper and have a relaxing day----heck a whole month.

Huge {{{{{HUGS}}}} to you and dd.


It is tough to be a parent some times. I've said in front of other parents that I will support my daughter as far as she wants to go as long as she if healthy, and they act like I am crazy. They said it seems like I want her to quit. and believe that all kids she be aiming for scholarships or elite. Ok, way to far in the future for my 10 year old. I only want what every parent should want, what is best for their child. I have a neighbor in her 30's who was a gymnast who deals with lots of aches and pains because she pushed her body too much and never gave herself time to heal. Though she loved it at the time, she regrets it now. I don't want that for my daughter. I believe is she ever wants to stop gym, she will move on to something else just was busy and will be successful.

Whatever is in your daughter's future, I'm sure she'll do great. I'm sure she has already benefited so much from gymnastics. both mentally and physically. Maybe time will heal the heal the body, if not then time may help heal the mind.
Sep 8, 2007
Good for you sticking to your guns.It defintly sounds like your dd needed a break mind & body. I hope you both can enjoy the month of.
Feb 4, 2008
Region IV
Wish I would've done the same.

When dd1 had the fall the damaged her knees, it was during the eval period for moving to optionals. She really wanted to be an optional, so when the doctor told us everything would heal on it's own, we let her go. I SHOULD have listened to my gut and made her take a month off. But nope, that kid played with the pain for 2 more years. Now, 5 months after her last day on the team, she FINALLY can say that her knees do not hurt every day.

You know what? The price was too great.

You absolutely, positively are doing the right thing.

I would disagree, however, that this will help her decide if she really wants the gym. The reason I say that is because, while she will see life without gym, the injury will prevent her from trying too many new things and finding a new passion. Ultimately, it was the trying new stuff that fulfilled dd1 and made her see that gym was not her end all be all.


Proud Parent
Jul 25, 2008

Sorry to hear that your DD's wrist is not completely better. Is she still having pain with it? I think you are doing the right thing to make her take a break though. Hopefully the rest and time away from the gym will heal her wrist and refresh her, and she may very well decide after the time off to go back once her body is ready to handle it again. Hugs to you and DD.


Moderator/Proud Parent
Aug 25, 2007
North Carolina
Hugs from me and my gymmie too. I cannot imagine telling her she had to take a break - although w/ the way the economy is going she may have to take one or at the very least skip some meets.

It is so hard to do the right thing sometimes. Hang in there - you always have your friends at the CB to help you through.
Jan 17, 2008
Hang in there... I am sure it is difficult. I was watching DD at practice tonight rubbing her wrists and frustrated. It makes me wonder why we are doing this sport......

Hugs to you and DD from K and Beetle !


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Mar 1, 2007

Ditto to everything that's been said already.....we haven't been in the sport as long as your family, so I can't even begin to imagine having to make that choice. last year when my DD had Pneumonia she was going bonkers not going to gym after the 10th day. I am a firm believer though in trusting your "mommy instincts" and if your uh oh's were going off about the wrist, than you did the right thing! It may not seem right at first because your days probably revolved around a practice schedule, but a month is not a super long time. It may be just what that little wrist needs to get better. If this is something she wants to be able to return too than she has to allow it some time to heal 100% or next time it may be longer.

Sending you both a ((HUG)) too...4 weeks may seem like forever, but it will go by quicker than you think!
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