Making noises during a routine

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Dec 23, 2009
Region 1
Ok this is a question for judges.. the other night while at gym my coach was choreographing a beam routine. She had my teammate do this one poise and she said that she felt like a bird. she then proceeded to make bird noises and flapped her arms :D it has become an inside joke when someone gets upset on beam you get in the pose and make the noise.

ok now my question for you judges.. when you make noises or talk during the routine what type of deduction is there?(at level 7-10) how would you react to this if someone did this at a meet? also lastly if there is a such deduction for this if they make more than one noise during a routine would you take the deduction for each occurrence?

i know that sounds ridiculous but it was quite funny. the owner of the gym even said if someone fell like 5 times at one of our 2 event meets(dumb warm up meets where you only compete 2 events to get a feel of competition at a new level)that he would dare someone to do it. Now that you all thing i am crazy..::rolleyes: i hope to get an answer.


Club Owner / Manager
Jul 21, 2011
I had a little gymnast do about 10 casts at a meet, then she looked over at me and smiled sweetly and said, "would you spot me please?". I asked the judge later what the deduction was for talking during the routine. She said there isn't a deduction for a gymnast talking to a coach, only for the coach talking to the gymnast, giving instructions. I think that would be the same as making a noise. Although they will get deductions if they do it and then start laughing so hard they fall off the beam.
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