Mama to a 5 year old gymnast

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Proud Parent
Proud Parent
Sep 25, 2007
Hi! I am the mama of a 5 year old aspiring gymnast. She turned 5 in July. We started at the Y when she turned 4 in a rec class and then after the gym had issues, we moved to another gym in a rec class. She was there for 8 months, but really wasn't progressing. She was teaching herself more at home than she was learning there. She had tons of fun, but wanted more.

We decided to try another gym and she really liked it there. At her first class, the coach said that she was almost ready to move up to their developmental class, but she lacked the knowledge of names of common skills, etc, so she kept her there for a month and then she moved to the developmental class in October. They actually moved her to their developmental class at her old gym, but my daughter decided that she liked the new gym much better.

We have been there now for 2 months and she loves it. Her skills have progressed so much in so little time. When she got to the new gym, she could barely do a bridge kickover or pullover.

Now she can do her kickovers, one handed cartwheels, handstand to bridge to kickover, back handspring on flat mat, round offs, almost has her back walkover on the incline mat, does a nice pullover, back hip circle AND got her shoot through on the first day they tried them. :D I love watching how proud she is of herself as she progresses and have been learning all the terms slowly so I can be more encouraging.

Truth be told, gymnastics was one of the sports I never wanted my daughters to want to be in, but she chose it and LOVES it. She would go everyday if she could. She practices in her room all the time. I support her 100%, even though the sport terrifies me. Why can't she want to be a pianist??

I love lurking here and learning. I am amazed at how often some of the girls my daughters age train here. She only trains 3 ours a week and I think the pre-team only 4. Team varies by level.

They don't compete here until 7 for level 4. I see other states with competitions and things for levels 1-4 at younger ages, but it doesn't seem to be popular here. (Arizona). Unless it just isn't popular the 2 gyms that we have been at.

Hope to learn more, so I can support my daughter in what she loves.:)

gym law mom

Proud Parent
Dec 23, 2006
Welcome to the CB!! Nice to hear your dd is in a gym that is helping her learn her basics and she's coming along well. As for ages to compete, the USAG sets the age minimums--gyms can make their own rules as far as when a girl can compete as long as they aren't younger than the USAG ages. For Level 4, the girl must be 6 and for Level 5, they must be 7. I think starting to compete at age 7 is a good idea. By that age they are mentally more focused and usually they can physically do all the routines without a problem. Right now, for your dd it is learning the skills then getting them consistent with good form--all splits, backwalkovers on good/bad leg, cartwheels on good/bad leg, nice handstands, drills on vault(using springboard etc). Also some work on strength and flexibility is very important.

Good luck to her and keep us updated on all her new skills---there will be alot more to come!

BTW--She can still take piano lessons:)


Proud Parent
Mar 1, 2007

Welcome! Glad to hear your dd is doing so well & you've found a gym that fits. It is amazing how fast the skills come when they make the move from rec to developmental team or pre-team, my daughter was the same way. I had to LOL about your comment about gymnastics being a sport you never wanted your daughter to be in. I feel the same way and often think about how & when I got pulled into all this myself! My dd is 6 and is on level 4. She just started to compete and is having fun & learning what is expected without feeling the "pressure" yet. If she could she would also stay in the gym 24/7 but we do encourage other activities like Girls Scouts and dive team in the Summer. So, you can still have time for piano if you want, LOL!

Glad you decided to de-lurk and hope you enjoy coming here as much as I do. I love all the information here, it's been really helpful to us gymnastics newbies.

Vintage Gymnast


Welcome. Sounds like you have quite a little gymnast on your hands. I can tell you as a "Vintage Gymnast" that it is the BEST sport in the world :) I am so proud that my daughter is following in her momma's footsteps. (She is 9 and competing Level 4 this year.)
Cant wait to hear how your daughter progresses! Good luck to her!


Proud Parent
Proud Parent
Sep 25, 2007
Thanks everyone! I am actually glad they don't compete until 7. She is still soo young to me and I can't imagine her being able to deal with all of it yet. Though she is a completely different kid when she is at gymnastics. Tougher, tries hard and doesn't give up, etc. Not so when it comes to things she doesn't like to do like school work (we homeschool), LOL.

She has no interest in piano lessons, it was just the safest activity I could think of, I am a worrywort. LOL. She does hula and Girl Scouts and we are in a very active homeschool group, so we are busy!


I am glad your dd loves the sport. Even though it is dangerous the coaches are great about safety so don't worry! I am glad she is doing well. You will love the arcade! hehe


Proud Parent
Feb 10, 2007
I thought I was reading about my 5 yr old!! LOL!!

I have a 7 yr old and 5 yr old who have been in gymnastics for a long time!!
they just recently were asked to move to the preteam at the gym!
just like yours mine could be at the gym daily if she could!!

Nov 5, 2007
My daughter is in the same programm and had her first big competiotion year (Level 7) last year.However they did compete1 Level 6 meet,I think to pass and had a few small rec-optianal meets which was fun for them.At least you won't have to hear the comp. music over and over again.

Good Luck and keep up the good work


Proud Parent
Proud Parent
Sep 25, 2007
Well, as an update, her current gym does compete level 4 at age 6 and as my other thread talked about, they want to move her to team in the summer. Decisions, decisions. Luckily summer is a long way away. :D Thanks everyone. So I guess I will have all the compulsory music memorized. Ugh. LOL.

I don't know if my heart will be able to handle anything above level 6 or 7. Maybe she will grow tired of the gym before then. Or maybe she will not really like her dreams of being in the gym coming true. :D
I'm the mom of a college L-10 gymnast who graduated in '05. It's fun to read about the little ones. I often think of becoming a judge! Anyway, your daughter sounds talented, and at her age (IMO) the most important thing is that she is loving the sport. As she progresses the demands and the sacrifices become huge. She's lucky to have your support. If I can offer any advice it would be to make sure she's having fun, and if and when she decides to stop (you know, to play piano or something), make sure she leaves the sport with a good taste in her mouth, and knowing she is happy she had the chance to participate! Keep us posted on her progress! BSU Fan
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