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Aug 22, 2008
dd is competing there next week and we have extended family traveling to see her. One member has some mobility and vision issues and she is questioning whether she should go. Our two concerns are the distance she needs to walk from taxi/uber drop off to the seating areas in the venue. And then also, once seated, how far away are the different events? I tried looking at prior meet videos and it seems to be set up in one long building with seat all along one side, sort of like when meets are held in hotel ball rooms? All chairs on the floor, No bleachers to climb, etc? The seats within a few feet of the actual events? But since the videos focus on the competition, I didn't get a good idea of the whole area. For those who have gone to this meet, I would really love some help in figuring these out. Thanks!!!
We were there 3 years ago, so my memory is a bit fuzzy. As I remember, the walk from the drop off area to the entrance is short, but from there depends on where your child is competing. It's like a huge open space divided into multiple competition areas. I remember we were at the very end, so we had to walk past two competition areas to get to ours, it was a pretty long walk.
As for the competition itself, you are right, the chairs are right on the floor, so if you are in the first row you are pretty close. The floor was right in front of us, beam a little to the left, and bars to the right. The vault was all the way at the back across the floor, so that would be hard to see.
Overall it was a good competition, ran pretty smoothly, started and finished right on time.
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We were there last year. I'd echo the post above. The seating is all floor, but it could be a long-ish walk from the front door to your "gym", and the "gyms" were set up in kind of a line. In our "gym" the seating had a good view of floor and vault, but beam and bars were far off.The best vantage point for those event was from a crowded access corridor. I believe some others were laid out a little differently.

It was also very loud last year, like trouble hearing their own floor music loud. Otherwise it was a good competition and it ran smoothly.
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Thanks! This helps a lot. I can give her the info and let her decide.
I don't know how accessible it is getting in. I remember once you were in, you were often close enough to touch the gymnast if you wanted to. Have fun!
Echo what others said about Uber-to-door. We had a relatively close gym to the door, set up was all chairs on floor (no bleacher). But....we had to keep getting up and moving to different areas to see properly. From our gym to the awards area was quite far. So if your relative wants to watch awards, that is another issue.

Also—-this was an expensive meet. They charged $25 admission. I know others would disagree, but I felt was ridiculous for that kind of seating. I expect stadium style seating for that kind of admission price, not a few rows of chairs all over and I need to get up and keep moving in order see each event well.
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