Mat Repairs?

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Does anyone have any suggestions for repairing 2" folding mats? I'm running a small recreational program at the school in town here and the mats are old and getting worn. The corners are wearing through and the folds are starting to tear.

I know I've been to clubs that have done patch jobs on their mats, but I don't know what they used, or how well did it worked. Anyone have any ideas?
Feb 26, 2007
We have used duct tape to repair our mats, it comes in many lovely colours and is very durable. It'd be nice to just buy new ones, but life's not like that, is it?;)
Dec 8, 2007
DUCT TAPE ALL THE WAY! We have soo many things with duct tape. We've had a spring board for 20 years, that has a big hole where people keep landing so its all duct tape! Our new board is on its way!
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