May Boot Camp

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Club Owner / Manager
Jan 18, 2009
Malta, NY
Is anyone on here attending Jeff Metzger's Boot Camp in May?

Dana and I are and are getting pretty excited.
Great. We're very excited. His website is pretty old and the sample itinerary is from years ago. Did he focus much on starting a gym or really just base it off the people attending?
Everything applies to everyone-go in w/ a totally open mind. I also learned a lot from just talking to the other students. The only thing that I thought was a waste of time was a presentation on how to get multi million $ funding for large buildings, etc. Definitely over the heads of 99% of the people in the room!

The biggest thing I got from it is how to think like a business person rather than a coach!
That's great. We were originally planning on going to the fall one this year. Changed our minds and are going to spring. Glad we did. Just read in technique that he's no longer doing them.
Not open for further replies.