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DD's team uses a piece of rope instead of a stick. My DD was/is not as flexible as her peers. She says BHS is easier but requires more bravery.
Do you think back handsprings will come easier for her then the BWO? I appreciate all the replies!

It’s strange that she is beginnng to love gymnastics more and more but she isn’t mastering the skills as fast as her peers.

This is not strange at all. I see it as a healthy that your DD is passionate about something even though she may not be the 'best'. I don't think you would want her not loving it just because of how she compares to others. Gymnastics is an individual sport. Over time you will see how some kids float right through the levels and don't hit on anything 'hard' until L9. Others take more time...sometimes lots of time. I wouldn't assume now that because she is not flexible that it's time to find another sport. You mention that she may never make it to team...why do you think that? Is your gym selective in who eventually gets a team invite? I've heard plenty of stories on CB where kids are either sent back to rec or referred to Xcel if they the gym thinks they won't be a good fit for their JO program. If you think this might be a possibility for your DD then I can see why you might be concerned. If that's the case then you may have to consider another gym. Just because she lacks flexiblity at 6 shouldn't be a sign that she needs to find another sport.
Yes, the video is the stretch I meant. It really helped my dd and is much easier on the back, and also my dd used to find it really uncomfortable holding a bridge long enough to stretch her shoulders, but found this much easier. Just gradually bring the hands closer together.
@Annikins @GymMomA3R
The video was helpful!! I don’t think she’ll mind doing it at home plus it won’t hurt her back. @NutterButter the gym we’re at is very selective of who they take. Her coach has told me she needs to work on her splits at home, but he didn’t seem as concerned about her back as I am. I guess I was having a CGM moment!
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