maybe it IS time to quit

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hi everyone its Rachelle....i know that a few weeks ago i was feeling like i should quit gymnastics, wel i got over that but now since my last competition i have felt soooo sick of gymnastics.first: i will tell you about what happened at the comp:

i went really bad on my routines but even worse on beam. i fell off three times and i couldnt stop crying. the judge called me over and was talking to me but i felt so bad. it was my last apparatus and while we were waiting for them to finish adding up the results, we had to get up and dance. but i was too upset to join in. i felt horrible after that day. i came 7th out of 7 people

and then the day after the comp i was training but i just wasnt happy. i had a few mean remark from the other parents saying "ur such a drama queen" and "are you over your melt down??" and they kept laughing at me
and after that night i realized how far im behind

and my bac has been hurting lots and i went to the chiropracter but that made it worse..
i dont want to quit gymnastics because if i do and i come back ill b really behind and i dont know what to do :confused:

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Oh Rachelle, I am SO sorry about those parents that made those hurtful comments. My daughter had a meet just like yours once where she fell off the beam 3 times, too. She was also crying with rage, frustration and disappointment. I totally empathize.

Dont let anybody put you down! If and when you one day make a decision to quit gymnastics it should be because of you and only you and not because of remarks made by other people who really should know better.

I think the fact that your back is hurting at the moment makes it difficult to train and compete effectively - your back is used in everything you do. Have you seen any other medical person about your back? I would advise that you do so in order to make sure that you do not damage it further and that it can heal properly, too. Gymnastics is quite hard on backs, knees, wrists etc.

I would also advise that you speak to your coaches and see how you can get the fun back into the sport for you. If you tell them how you are feeling at the moment, it will help them to understand where you are at right now and what you are needing from them.

Also, try not to keep thinking about your last meet. Try to think about the things that are going right. Having a positive frame of mind helps every part of your life.
Sep 21, 2008
Well.. all there is to say to that is - do what you feel best. If you love the sport, and you love to compete, then whatever anyone says, and no matter how good or bad you do, then you will continue on. If that drive is gone, then you have your answer.

When you stop comparing yourself to everyone else, and enjoy the sport for the sake of the sport, you will start to see your own progress. Who really cares what place you came in? Who really cares what other people say to you? When you let that stuff bother you, you lose. When you realize that everyone is stuck in the same rut, and that girl who got 1st maybe was just a little luckier, or had a little longer to prepare, or whatever her circumastances are... one day, it will be your turn. Even if it's long down the road, your success will come.

Hopefully, it will be in gymnastics - if it's not, that's ok too :)

This is a sport of love. People dont rip their hands, bruise their legs, ice their knees, walk on their hands, and go to sleep wondering if they really want to do what they do every day because they have to.. they choose to. It's a wonderful part of life, and a wonderful part of the sport. It's really what separates our sport from any other.

Be proud of being a gymnast, and all the rest of that garbage will go away.

Good luck!



Aw, I'm so sorry for what has been happening to you! Those parents should have known better! Everyone has bad meets and it's only natural to get upset when you do. But, those are surface emotions that will pass. What you need to do is look deeper inside yourself to see what's there. Look in your heart. Do you really love this and wouldn't feel like yourself without it? Or has your passion faded and you're truly ready to move on? Only you can truly make the decision.


I'm so sorry for what you are going through. What you need to ask yourself is if you still truly love gymnastics. Not everyone can be the best. For every person standing up on the podium there are tons more that aren't up there. As far as how the parents behaved - that is just despicable - I can't even find words to describe how wrong that is.

As long as gymnastics is bringing joy to your life, continue. If that joy really isn't there anymore take all the tools gymnastics has given you and find something else to apply it to. No one can ever take away what you have achieved through your years in gym. Good luck in whatever you decide ((((hugs)))).


O every gymnast go,s thour this and this is normol but think all of the harde work you put in and if you qite you will wonder waht could have happened if i had not qite so do not qwite ples it is horabl to wonder .dont qwite.:rolleyes::vault: AND IT WILL BE FUN AGINE JUST THINK POSITIVE.
Aug 26, 2008
I am so sorry Rachelle. That is so awful! I'm wondering if maybe you should just take a short break, say, a month, give or take as you please. Then you will have a break from the stress and see if you enjoy being away from the gym and it's becoming to much. Or you can see if it's just the gym itself not gymnastics, if it's the coach things like that. Your coach should be able to help you with this and you can figure out what is bothering you under the root of it all and if you should quit. Take this all into careful consideration so that you don't regret it later. But I think you should do what you feel is best for YOU.


Proud Parent
Feb 19, 2007
Oh Rachelle, I'm so sorry. Everyone on here has had such wonderful advice to you too. EVERYONE has a bad meet now and then... EVERYONE struggles with skills as well. You have to judge whether you love the sport or are just upset over not doing well and the rude comments from people who really should know better.

Someone earlier had posted about whether or not it was time to quit, and I remember Lasswade coach's advice to NOT quit when you're having a down time of it. If you really want to quit, make that decision when things are going RIGHT. That way, you know you didn't make a decision based on just one or two events in a small time period.



Proud Parent
Mar 1, 2007

Just a mom jumping in to say sorry you are going thru a tough time. Your meet went bad, but sometimes they do & no matter what age, it's frustrating. My DD is 7 (L4) and at sectionals last week fell off beam 2 times, needed coaches help on bars for the first time ever and then crashed into the vault on her second run. Probably her worst meet ever!

I am sorry that parents made those remarks to you because I am in awe of ANY girl going out there doing what you girls do! The frustration along with the back pain you are having, I am not surprised you want to quit. Maybe you should sit down and really think about it first. If you love it, not counting the parent remarks and bad meet, then stick to it and don't worry about always trying to catch up. Or, maybe you just need a little break. Can you take a week or so off just to rest and recover a little bit?

Sending you a ((HUG)) and hope you are happy with whatever you decide!
Aug 27, 2006
:hug: Maybe you need a break to refocus and heal your mind and body.

You need to go on your schedule and not any snobby gymnasts or their crappy parents. :mad: And you are allowed to feel anyway you want no matter what anyone says. :hugs:



I'm very sorry to hear about what happened. And that is really really sad how those parents were making fun of you. They are grown-ups and they should know better. I mean, I know these days parents beat each other up because their kids got into a fight on the soccer field, but at least thats not directly getting the kids involved. So shame on those parents at your gym, cuz they suck.

But you know, we all have bad days. Everyone does. I do. I'm sure Shawn and Nastia do. And the whole world saw Alicia Sacramone have a bad night, and that bad performance was def one of the reasons USA didn't win Gold. But its okay. I don't think anyone thinks Alicia is a horrible gymnast or anything, cuz I still admire her as much as I did before and I feel really bad for her too because she's probably blaming herself when she shouldn't be. I had a bad track meet last year where I came in last place cuz I wasn't feeling well, and I threw up on the side of the track after. My teammates gave me a pat on the back for trying at least.

So you should keep trying too Rachelle. I know you are a dedicated gymnast and that you really enjoy it because u've told me that before. I remember that day a couple weeks ago when you told me you rode the bus to gym cuz you didn't have a ride...if you weren't dedicated and luv the sport you would have just used that as a very good excuse to stay home. So don't quit just because you are frustrated. In fact, thats probably what the parents want you to do. They want you to quit because then their kids have one less kid to compete against to be the best. So you should stay, and do ur best to show those parents that they are wrong. Their kid isn't the best gymnast, Rachelle is (and Alanna, haha).

Next time a parent says anything mean to you, you should say, "Lets see you get up on that beam and do better then me." Don't be rude about it, just say it and walk away. They won't say anything back because they know darn well they could NEVER do what you do.

Stay strong,


When dd was a L4, there was an 11 year old girl on her team. She was a nationally ranked rhythmic gymnast trying a sport change. We went to a meet in Staten Island and a couple of parents from another team cornered her and began yelling at her that she had no business being a L4 and that it was unfair. She was devastated and quit.

It still bothers me that she might have quit for the wrong reasons.
Feb 28, 2008
Why do adults do this??? I am continually amazed at how poorly adults act both on the soccer fields and at the gym.

You need to ignore those parents. They don't know what is best for you. You do!! Take a couple of days or a week off. Think about whether or not this is something you really want to do. If you are behind, maybe do some privates or set out a couple of meets until you are comfortable again. There is nothing wrong with doing either!!

Most importantly, keep your head up. You wouldn't be at the level you are if you weren't good. Your body maybe changing and you may just need a little time. Hang in there!!! :)


I am so sorry! I know you are going through a tough time. But, I can't give an answer on whether or not you should stay. All I can say is follow your heart and do what you think is best :)
Sep 11, 2008
North Carolina
Sorry that you are having a bad time. That was VERY rude of the parents to say stuff like that to you:mad:. Gymnastics will be hard on you sometimes. Maybe you can have a private talk w/ your coach. that might help, or get some private lessons so you don't have to worry about other people. And listen, it DOESN'T matter what other people say, so don;t worry about them, kay:).


When dd was a L4, there was an 11 year old girl on her team. She was a nationally ranked rhythmic gymnast trying a sport change. We went to a meet in Staten Island and a couple of parents from another team cornered her and began yelling at her that she had no business being a L4 and that it was unfair. She was devastated and quit.

It still bothers me that she might have quit for the wrong reasons.
Wow that's just about one of the most awful things I've ever heard!! My parents would totally FLIP if anyone did that to me or my sis. Fists would fly lemme tell ya!


When dd was a L4, there was an 11 year old girl on her team. She was a nationally ranked rhythmic gymnast trying a sport change. We went to a meet in Staten Island and a couple of parents from another team cornered her and began yelling at her that she had no business being a L4 and that it was unfair. She was devastated and quit.

It still bothers me that she might have quit for the wrong reasons.

wow that is really terrible.... did they yell at her for switching to artistic gymnastics or for being "too old" for level 4? i started gymnastics late and i was competing level 4 at age 11 and i see nothing wrong with it... it's unfortunate that the parents did. whatever the reason, that was definitely not right for them to do that....
Aug 26, 2008
Wow that's just about one of the most awful things I've ever heard!! My parents would totally FLIP if anyone did that to me or my sis. Fists would fly lemme tell ya!

Oh yeah I could totally see your parents fighting for your But seriously that is so distrubing and they had absoultly no right to do that!


Oh Rachelle, I'm new to this site but I couldn't help but post to your message. What those parents said to you was absolutely wrong of them and they should have known better. As a mom to a little gymnast myself, I would have been furious with anyone for saying such mean and horrible things to her.

I wanted to share a quick story with you that was shared to me at the Olympic Trials in Philly this summer by a parent of one of the girls. I had the privilege to volunteer at that amazing event and was even more privileged to assist with the parents of the athletes in their suite during the meets. As you know, Corrie Lothrop was invited to the 2008 Women's Olympic Selection Camp in Texas. I had the pleasure of speaking with her mom during the meet and she shared with me how proud she was with her daughter for not quitting. She proceeded to tell me that a few months before the trials she was very upset and wanted to quit as she felt she wasn't as good as the others competing and she didn't feel she belonged there with them. She had been having a lot of trouble with her competitions and not doing well those few months before and was really down on herself. Her mom told her to hang in there and keep going to see it through because you will one day look back and say, "What would have happened had I not quit during the hard times?". She told her that she shouldn't give up when she was down and that she would regret it if she had.

So, Rachelle, my advise after hearing her story is to keep going, don't give up on yourself when your down. Try to keep a good attitude with it and things will come around for you. Try to get yourself to a happier place with the sport and perhaps things will look very different for you if you can just focus on having fun with gymnastics. Maybe taking just a little time for you to heal your back a little would be a great idea so you can get stronger and free from pain when you do your skills.

This is always a difficult decision and one you yourself can only make but if you give yourself some time to heal a little and try not to worry about where you place and what others think you will be so much better off and happier.

I pray you will find the strength to ignore the cruelty of others and focus on what you want out of this sport. All my best wishes to you.
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