me (how to tell parents I want to quit)

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Jul 16, 2012
i dont know what to do i am 13 i quite gymnastics this year i was a level 8 and i started when i was 3 i do tumbling classes once a week for 1 hour and i hate it but my mom makes me do it how do i tell her that i want to stop
Do you want to stop tumbling and start gymnastics again? Or do you just want to stop tumbling all together? Either way I think it's a good idea to just sit down with your mom and tell her what you want in a calm and mature way.
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Do you want to stop the tumbling? From an adults point of view I think extra curricular activities are A Good Thing, and I'd be worried you were going to hang around the house, or street corners with your friends. Also the exercise thing, I'd be worried about you not being as fit and healthy without that...

Can you ask your mum why she won't let you stop?

Is there anything else you'd like to do? Another sport? Dance? Or even some other hobby like music? Giving up gym will allow you to try a whole host of other stuff, and your mum might be more accepting if you tell her you've gone as far as you can in gym, but would like to give x a go instead.
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