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Hey there is a girl at my gym and she is really mean she is always braging and telling me that i am fat and stuff like that. She used to make me want to quit but now i like gym so much i can't...........but i still don't know what to do i try to ignor her or try to be friends with her but it still never works out. If any of u guys got tips that would be great thxxxx Lauryn.
Obviously she feels threatened by you and wants you to doubt yourself and your talents so she can make herself feel better. Dont bother trying to be friends with her you dont need a toxic person like her in your life so dont let her into your head:)
I second that advice. Just ignore her. You're better then her and she knows it...she's just jealous.
I would "kill her with kindness" as the saying goes. Just be really nice around her and say nice things--IGNORE the negative stuff she says to you--just don't acknowledge it. Sooner or later she will realize that she is being mean because nobody wants to hang out with her. I agree that you shouldn't try to be friends with her because you don't need negative people like that in your life but you can still be nice at the gym--you know what I mean?
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Hang in there.There were a couple girls in my daughters group that she says were mean to her.Well they ended up leaving the group after a while.
That is quite common behaviour in teen girls, teasing others is a way to hide their own fears. They call others fat because they fear being fat themselves, if they are the ones doing the teasing then they feel like its not them. Most people who are mean are truly insecure.

Be yourself and be a positive happyer person and you will be much harder to tease.
Sorry to hear you have to deal with that :( Most likely she is just jealous or threatened by you for some reason - or she might just be a mean person - they're out there. It is really hard to deal with - but try and remember that she can only hurt you if you let her. Don't give her that power by letting her into your head. Good luck - I hope the situation gets better for you soon.
Yea its pretty awful when people do that.
I had a few girls try to kick me out of our team a couple of years back and they've all left.
I guess you could try talking to your coach if its really bugging you and the super nice treatment always gets mean people. they can't stand it!
I can relate exactly to how you feel--I was the "outcast" in my group because I was not into the same things most of the girls in my group; however, there was one girl in particular who would never really talk to me and when she did she always had something negative and rude to say. I generally tried to ignore her and just go in there and get my workouts done--I was there for gymnastics, not to socialize and be her friend. I also suggest "killing her with kindness" as MdGymMom01 said. Unfortunately some girls are that way, and hopefully she'll grow up. Something else that you can do is just try and respect her as a gymnast, while killing her with kindness, and show her how a real gymnast acts and respects everyone on their team--be the bigger person.

Most importantly do not give up and do not give in to her--you love gymnastics so go in there for gymnastics, not for making her happy. Good luck!
I had to go trough this when I was a level 5. It was so bad during the competition season! The best thing you can do is to be as nice as possible to her, however hard it is, and to ignore her comments.
You've gotten some great advice and I would second everything so far. Don't let her get to you, kill her with kindness, and just focus on what you are doing. I also agree that she's doing it because of her own insecurities, afraid of getting fat herself, etc. Also, you will meet people throughout your life that are this way. No matter what you do there will be people like that. Thankfully, they aren't the majority!
you just have to ignore her. After a while they see their tatics have no effect on you and will stop. If things get bad though like she is becoming worse or taking it out on more than one kid, talk to a coach and explain the situation. Even then it might not always work but if you stay calm and know that she is jealous, what she says shouldn't bother you.
Just remember that mean people are generally mean to others because they feel badly about themselves.
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