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Feb 16, 2008
Are the medals that your gymmie received labels with anything, like event and place? One two meets that my DD attended did it to the medals. Today I found Avery labels that were 1/2 in by 2 inches while I was cleaning my desk and labels all on her medals like this:

meet name and date
Level 4 event score

That way down the road she can look back and know what each medal was for. The only ones that I did not get labeled were her medal from the Sand Dollar invite as they look like this.................Picture from msl529's album.

The Chalk Bucket - msl529's Album: msl529's album - Picture

Instead of the sea horse, we have a sea turtle and there is really no place on the medals for the labels that I have.

I was thinking of going to a place that does engraving to see if they have a small medal disk that I could have engraved and added to ring of the medal and hang from the back.

How are your gymmies medals labeled?



We had a meet last year that had 'Pirate" gold, and no place for me to be able to write on the back of it. What I did, was type what I wanted the paper to say and in the size that I wanted it to be. Then I lamentated it, used a hole punch and tied it to the ribbon part of the medal with decorative wrapping paper ribbon. It worked great! and was a lot cheaper than having a medal tag engraved.

Hope that helps.


Proud Parent
Mar 6, 2009
oooh those are really cool medals!!!

Jess's medals currently have stickers with the event, date, score handwritten on them. I hope to borrow my sisters labeler to make it look nicer!


Great idea!

Thanks! It really works well for those medals that can't be written on the backs. As a bonus, I have a small -4x6 mini lamentor at home. So I don't have to take it anywhere to do that.

At the beginning of a new season, I gather the previous year medals up and tie them with a nice bow all together and place them in a special 'medal' box that sits in her room. It's just a plain wood box that I bought at Hobby Lobby, but I painted it white and then painted a gymnast on the lid of it to make it special. Putting the previous years' medals in the box tied together accomplishes 2 things....

1. Makes room on the wall plaque for the current years' medals
2. Keeps the seasons' medals together for easy record keeping

She likes to that, it's kind of an sign of a new competiton season...

Oh, I use a special 'engraving' pen -- it looks like a permanent marker on especially designed to write on medal -- that I bought at Hobby Lobby to write on the backs of the medals that have space to be able to write on.

Mar 5, 2008
North America
Those are really cool medals!! I usually make a "label" using an Avery label or whatever and cut it down to size to fit the back of the medal. I usually type the name of the meet, the date, the event, score and place. I do the same with her ribbons that she receives also. That way she can look back and have a little memento years down the road. I started doing this with her cheerleading medals and it carried over to gymnastics. I even have all my trophies and stuff from track and cross country from my high school running days!! My kids are pretty impressed by the stuff that I won. My little boy said to me one day "Wow mommy! I didn't know you were such a good runner!" God love him!!!!
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