For Parents Meet #3 - Level 6

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Long meet. Registration started at 2:00. Open stretch suppose to start at 2:40, started more like 3:00 so they shortened that. DD was only L6 from gym in session. We had L5's, but they had them rotate seperate. She started on bars, and is just happy she didn't somehow knee herself in the head again. She definately holds back, but is slowly building confidence. She did put her feet right through on the squat on, but held herself up. DD's coach is a judge and thinks she got a big deduction for that. Coach makes her guess the score, she guess a low 7 (praying it not a 6 she says), but she did get a 7.7. That tied her last meet, and she was just glad it wasn't lower.

Next up, beam. The L5's were competing on floor at the same time. She does a nice routine, barely a little over on her full turns, but she's been working hard on beam and it shows. Coach really works the dismount with them, making sure they hit full handstand, then turn and hold. She does great. She gets a 9.5 and is thrilled. I can see her bouncing up and down after coach makes her guess the score (she guesses a 8.95) and shows it to her.

Floor has really improved. Almost wipes out after backtuck, I though she was going to land on her butt! She gets an 8.8, and is happy with that. Improvements are showing. I'm adding up her score. She needs a 35 in our gym to be considered for next level for next year, gym rule. I'm thinking uh oh, she needs a 9 on vault. Two years of L5 vault and never hit a 9. She has been vaulting good at practice, but has yet to do so at meet. She usually vaults on one setting at practice, but lowers it by one. Her warm-ups look great. Vault is close to stands, so I'm telling her just go for it. She does two good vaults, best I've seen at a meet, and after she finishes, runs over to scoreboard to wait for score. She knows she's finally brought it to a meet. She is so excited by her 9.15 - yahoo! She gets her 35!

There were about 21 or so in her age group. She was 3rd on vault, just missed on bars, I think she was 8th (lots of low scores), 1st on beam, 6th on floor and was 3rd AA. They gave out charm braclets as gift, and 1-3AA got small charm to put on. She says she would have preferred 4th for the medal, but oh well. Got texts from mom in other session and the rest of the L6's do well also.

Next meet . . . Superbowl Sunday at 4:30 pm. Good thing I'm not a big football fan!
Sep 30, 2008
Region 3
Wow!! Congrats on that move up score!!

Your post made me giggle! I can't even imagine how she kneed herself in the head, oh my goodness!! Then I felt guilty for laughing ;)

I hope she didn't hurt herself when that happened. I can see Pixie doing something like that. During practice she manages some crazy things. Just last week she tweeked her achilles tendon......on a half turn, on floor!! Of all things, lol!

Sounds like she owned the beam! Good for her. And that is so cool that she got her personal best score on vault which allowed her to move up. Hollywood couldn't write a script better than that! I just love it when the girls leave a meet with a smile.

Oh, I thought the charm bracelet was a cute idea!
Something a little different from the standard medals and ribbons...I like it :D


Proud Parent
Proud Parent
Sep 25, 2007
Sounds like a great meet to me! Congrats to her. Her wanting a medal instead of a charm for her bracelet cracked me up. I think it is cool to have something different though. :D Congrats on that AA score as well!!



It was a great way to end the weekend, especially since she placed 1st at her Science Fair this week and was selected to represent the school at the County Science Fair in March.


Way to go! That vault is really coming along nicely! and the move-up score is icing on the cake. Congrats on a great meet and good luck Superbowl weekend (obviously no thought of the poor dad's wanting to watch the big football game, lol).

And thanks again for taking a look at Kelsey's routine and letting me know what you thought! Much appreciated.
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