Meet coming up this Sunday!

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DD1 has a meet coming up this Sunday- she hasn't been making her giants in practice so her coaches might take it out of her routine. She came home crying because she really wants those giants. Please send a fairy:)
Jan 17, 2008
Hey!! I have a Bar Fairy! Finally Hee hee. I am sending you the bar fairy to get those giants. (just as long as she keeps some dust here to keep Beetle's Pirouettes going...LOL)


Good luck, and lots of BIG HUGS to your dd for confidence & ability. Hope she shows those coaches that she can do those giants, so that they will keep them in her routine AND so that she will do them at the meet! All the best to you guys...:)


They had a practice meet today and watched each other do routines. When it was her turn she didn't make it (fell over on her handstand.) HC told her to stay back and do another one. She made the giants on that one. Before she left, she had to do 3 more routines. Two she made with giants, and one with out. We will see the results tomorrow.

Thanks for the support! She got really excited when I told her.:D

gym law mom

Proud Parent
Dec 23, 2006
Right now, my gymmie is doing fine without keeping a bar fairy tied up when someone else needs her(that doesn't mean we might not want her back!). Sending a bigtime bar fairy to your dd's meet tomorrow.

Just tell her to stay tight and swing girl!!!!


I'm reading this post a little late - I hope she did her giants for her meet today. Let us know how she did.
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