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Jun 11, 2008
Region 1
How does your gym handle meet fees. I am talking for gymnast registration only, not coaches and other misc expenses. Do you pay as needed per registration, or do you pay a set amount before competition season begins. If your booster/gym has you paying in advance, what amount?

gym monkeys mom

Proud Parent
Oct 3, 2007
Our booster club handels meet registrations for the last few years. We atrted by having paernts paying for each meet. This is way too hard.

We then evolved to a systme of 3 installemtns based on estimate of meet fees from last season. This is usually pretty acurate and let folks know there will be a finally billing at end of season.

Next season however all installments will be due before any meet fees are due. The reason for this is way too much work to chase parents down who have no $$ in meet accounts. i

I know in a prefect world we would just say no money no meet but, I find this hard to do without a warning or two. I see the faces of hearted broken gymnasts not the absent minded parents. I also like to give folks a chance to make payment and still compete as this is what team ia about.

We have a team of boys and girls of under 60 kids so this is still do able. I advise a very very organized treasurer. i am glad for ours.

I hope it helps. PM me if you want or need more info. The booster has been a long process at our club but is finally running well. Yeah!!


We pay as we go along. We typically pay a couple months before the meet. Our team parent will send an e-mail or call when the meet fees are coming due. The manager of the gym has a special envelope outside her office for us to put our checks into. Or you can pay cash or credit card at the front desk, get a receipt and put that in.


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Mar 7, 2008
Region 7
Each family has a FAMILY account (not per gymnast, used to do it that way but too much outlay for those with multiple kids competing). We pay in 2 installments of $250 by September 1st. 1st installment due Aug 1 to register for USAG and first meet(s). Monthly statements are sent out and parents can replenish accounts by depositing more money or through certain fundraisers. Meet entry fees are deducted as each meet is paid...if your account falls below $100, money must be added. We have 40+ competitive gymnasts, boys & girls and this works well for us. Our Treasurer is very well organized and sends out statements almost each time there is a deposit or debit.


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Oct 26, 2007
We also pay the meet fees in 3 installments based on an estimate. They are due Sept, Oct, and Nov and we don't start competing until Jan.

gym law mom

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Dec 23, 2006
If you decide to work bingo which is our big moneymaker, then the booster club pays the meet fees for your gymmie. If a family opts out of bingo(have 2 or 3) then they pay the meet fees as they come due.

I don't really like bingo and hate giving up a night/month to work it, but with gymmie now a L8, those meet fees are $85 and up so this really does help.
Nov 9, 2007
Our team "commitment" is $750 per family, this covers meet fees and must be paid by feb 1st, or as soon as possible. We can fundraise to pay part of the fee, and we have to work our meets as well, usually 2 a year. Coaches fees and travel are paid by the booster club, including all meets up to nationals. We use money earned at the meets to pay these bills. Same fees for a level 4 or a level 10, fair because the families of the upper level girls also have to pay for their gymnasts and families travel to florida,texas and wherever regionals and nationals are held.

Hope this helps


Proud Parent
Jul 25, 2008
We have a booster club fee, which is paid per family not per child. That's nice when you have more than one in the sport. Then we had another fee to cover meet fees, coaches expenses, etc., which is per child and differs according to your child's level. You can then pay in either 4 or 5 installments. All were due by the end of the year this year, I think. Plus this year they gave you a discount for paying the full amount by the first installment and then a lower discount by the next one. I didn't pay too much attention though because I haven't paid anything for the last 2 years due to fundraising the full amount mostly through working concessions for our city's minor league baseball team. I earned over $900 each year working games.


The owner starts with an estimate of the meet fees/coaches/etc. all lumped together and based on both what the upcoming meet fees are expected to be and a little on what the coaches/etc. were the previous year (as an estimate only). Then the owner sends each family an itemized statement of what the fees are expected to be (before start of competition season) along with what each gymnast has acquired in their booster account. We then pay the difference of the two (again, before season starts).

At the end of the competition season, the owner sends out another itemized statement (very detailed, including exactly how much was spent and to where that money was spent [coaches fees/etc] along with any further money acqired in the gymnast booster account). She compares what was the estimated fees (paid in the fall) and what the actual fees ended up being and then settles up. Sometimes the estimate was high, in which case the extra money goes into the gymnasts booster account (or back to parent I think, but nobody ever chooses that option). If the estimated fees were lower than the actual cost, parent has the choice to pull money out of booster account or pay directly. When it's been over the estimated fees, it has never been more than $50 to $100 from what I understand (we haven't been there THAT long).

I really like that I am entitled to an itemized statement of exactly where my dollars are going, not just the assumption that the money is going to where the owners say that it's going. It keeps everything honest, no misunderstandings, miscommunications, etc. The last gym that we were at was a no questions asked when it came to where the money is going (ended up with a lot of distrust between all the parents and the management, not good for either side).

Hope that helps!


We are a new club this year.

We pay for meets far in advance as sometimes the meets fill up. We pay the gymnast registration and the team fee is split between all attending gymnast (we only have one level this year). Coach fees are decided by the coach based on the number of sessions she had to attend.

Next year, an estimate will be collected with payments beginning in the summer, and will include meet fees, team fees, coach fees, etc. Everything will be balanced out at the end, with either money left or having to pay more. I'd rather pay regular installments.


Right now our meet fees are paid by fundraising through the booster club, but if we weren't to make enough money fundraising, we would pay for each meet separately.
Jan 17, 2008
We pay per meet, Since not all gymnasts compete in each meet. We get our meet fees 2 - 3 months before the meets. Then the week before the meet we pay our coaches fees for the meets.

We have a small booster club and do one or two fundraisers per year. These funds are supposed to go to out of state meets only.. Next year we might do things a little differently.


Proud Parent
Mar 1, 2007
We have assessment fees that cover all meet fees, coaches fees, ect...paid in several installments per year. Some gyms do one lump sum right before season starts but I don't think I would be able to keep DD in gym if our gym was like that. We used to do payments on a month basis but it got too hard for the gym as the team got bigger.
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