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Dec 9, 2012
Region 8
Hello everyone! I have a meet tomorrow, and at my last one I tried a half up half down bun that I do at practice. (Like McKayla Maroney's.) But it came down after I started on floor. I have a backwards roll in my routine, so it can't be a ponytail. (My hair is long, thick, yet fine. It's slippery, and is very hard to keep in a bun.) Any cute ideas that I can do on myself for the meet? Keep in mind I'm 17, yet it has to be backwards roll safe!!;) Thank y'all!
I high braided ponytail, or a low braid or real bun that is high enough on your head to not get in the way of the roll. To keep it in any hairstyle, use gel while it's wet. Then use multiple hair ties, maybe even a net for the bun. Finish with LOTS of hair spray.
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French braided pigtails. If the tails are too long, cross them across the back of your head,low, and secure them.
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I just competed last weekend with two french braids, and I'm 15. I feel that the two braids hanging looks fine, but if you feel that that is too childish, try pinning them in an "x" pattern on the back of your head.
With DD I recently did a french braid across the front of her head (think her bang area), turned it and braided back across her head. After finishing the braid I made a bun on the side of her head. I used pins while turning the bun to make it hold because buns don't like to hold on her either. She got tons of compliments. You could probably do a simple side french braid then bun also.
This is what it looked like. It didn't get in the way of her backward roll at all and didn't move. I also used tons of gel.


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A ponytail or bun will be fine if you put it high enough. You just need to use more gel. Comb it through wet hair. Use wide flat hair ties, two at the base of the pony tail or before the bun.
One of my girls who had a back extension roll on beam used to wear her hair in two buns, one on each side (sort of Princess Leia-esque). Seemed to work well for her.
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