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Feb 12, 2023
I was scrolling and reading some supper old threads (2007 ish) and i saw a post like this in the coaches forum. i though it would be fun to start up again here. I have a funny story. I was competing copper 1 in USAIGC which is basically like level 2/3 and excel bronze. it was my first ever meet and was on vault. i was a tiny little one then so i did not get a ton of power, never did till puberty and i started getting taller with stronger leg muscles. i ran and gave the hardest punch i could but i dont think i was used to the distance my coach put it at so i belly flopped on the mat stack lol but i had a good amount of power so i kept rolling through and i did like a chest stand but i like rolled thought that sort of to a nice tight flat back. i got a 5.00! so excited to read these storys!
Last year at Xcel gold regionals, there was one session where we only had one athlete. My coworkers and I event coach so there were 3 coaches and one kid. During warm ups, they were playing 90s/early 2000s hits and we are all in our 30s so we were singing and dancing and getting into it. Our athlete asked us if we were embarrassed and when we said no, she said well you should be.
Not open for further replies.