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Feb 20, 2012
My daughter has a L4 meet this Sunday. It's not a particularly big meet, but she is really excited because their new competition leos from GK finally came in.

She was moved to level 4 at the beginning of this season on what our gym calls B team, training with level 4 but not competing until she is ready, with a plan to compete in a couple of AAU meets after USAG states in April. After two months of working with L4 the coach decided that she was ready to compete. She has done well in the meets that she has been in, consistently placing at least mid 8's in all events. At the "big invitational" last month she did very well and scored a 9.5 on bars, getting first place.

The point to this long post...she has been on fire since that bar score. She put together what her coach has been explaining about deductions, and how one tenth can be the difference between first and third place. I went to watch her at practice last night and I was shocked at how good her routines looked. She wants 9's on all events and her coach thinks that she could pull it off.

It is amazing to watch such a young person set goals like this and work so hard to achieve them. It is also nice to be able to share these thoughts with others who understand!

Sorry for the long post and thank you!

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Oct 2, 2009
First off I hope all went well. Also I want to say how good it is that the coach explained the scoring and that your daughter responded in such a positive way. Hoping for a great future.
Feb 20, 2012
Thanks for all of the good luck wishes. Unfortunately, the meet was very disappointing. The judges scored very hard, so routines that have been in the mid-nines all season were high sevens and low eights. Luckily the coach has always prepared them for this, so the entire team handled it very well.

Everyone had a very good meet, and although they were disappointed, they handled themselves beautifully.

To add to the disappointment they left dd out of the awards ceremony completely. The girls were still very composed and went to the head coach of the host gym and explained what happened. While they looked for my dd's results the team took a group picture. The head coach from the host gym came over and dropped a ribbon in front of the team and walked away.

In the end it was a great learning experience, and dd was very happy that her team was so supportive.

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Aug 2, 2010
Pittsburgh, PA
It sounds like your DD and her team handled the scoring very well...and in the end, as long as they are improving and having fun, that's all that matters! Sportsmanship is the one of the best things about youth athletics, IMO :) Congrats to her for holding her head up high and I am sure there were many positives despite the scoring.

Interestingly enough, my DD was also left out of the awards ceremony completely at her meet this past weekend, too! The meet staff realized at the end of awards and gave her a medal, but she was somewhat dissapointed to not have been called up to be recognized. But, she also handled herself with an amazing amount of dignity and I was proud of her for holding it together and shaking it off when she everyone else on the team had been called up to the podium. I might've been more upset than she was b.c. I missed a photo op! ;)

Best of luck to her at her next meet!
Feb 20, 2012
Thanks Maryn's mom. It was great to see how mature the girls acted. Congratulations to your daughter as well. If I worked that hard and didn't get an award is would have cried!

This meeting was terrible for everyone, the host gym was so rude. The announcer actually called one of their gymnasts a retard over the microphone during the awards. It was unbelievable.

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Jul 22, 2010
Region 8
Yikes! That sounds awful. :( Hope that you guys will not be returning to that meet next season. Sounds like your daughter and her teammates handled it beautifully.
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