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Midget's Dad

Whew, what a day!

Even though Midget did not start until 1 PM we drove up last night and stayed in a hotel so there was no rush this morning. Drive is not bad but still 2.5 hours early was not something I wanted to do. Plus it makes the whole thing a big deal for the dd.

Even though there was no need, that little stinker got up at 6:30!! Uggg

Went early to watch the L4s and then the L2s compete. During this Midget admitted that she was really nervous and scared she would fall on beam or bars and get hurt. If you recall she just got over a yip caused by a bad fall on her bars dismount so it is understandable but still breaks my heart to hear.

1 PM came and off they went. We found out Midget would compete as a 7 year old this year even though her B-Day is not for 3 more months. No big deal but she looks tiny next to the other girls that are 7. Decided not to say anything to her about how she might not do as well as last year since she was competing with older girls this time. Turns out that was smart.

Our girls started on beam. Midget did really well. Just a few minor bobbles and she started out rockin' a 9.05!!

Floor was next, and Midget is usually very strong here. Again just a few minor bobbles and she gets a 9.2! She has never gotten 2 9's before in one meet! WOW!!!

On to vault. Let me tell you that crazy frog run was back during warm-ups. It is hysterical to watch but it does not usually work real well. Somehow she got it under control for her first vault, second it came back a little and she jumped really early. A 9.2!! Three 9's!!!

One thing about these meets. There is a Red and a Blue division. Red is for the newer girls, with Blue for the more experienced. If you get a 34 AA you get moved up to Blue in THAT meet. Midget was obviously really close. She just needed a 6.55 on Bars and she was being moved up, and honestly that scared me cause those girls were all much older and were 2nd year L3s.

Anyway, on to Bars. Her leg cuts are not good and apparently that is a HUGE deduction. Didn't get around for the Mill. And she fell on her dismount, I think she is letting go too early now so the yip is back. Got a 6.4.

So she did NOT move up to Blue. She was upset about it but I was pretty happy.

Gold on everything!! Even with the 6.4 on bars she won it. Craziness. 33.85 AA which was the highest in the Red division so she also won a free pizza at a local restaurant. Lunch was on Midget. Woohoo!!

Edit: Video is uploaded but still processing. Will add soon.
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Feb 26, 2007
Wow Bella that is just awesome. Three 9's in one meet is huge. Liking Dad's attitude too, great support for Bella with no pressure.

It can be fun just to turn the meet into a mni vacation for the family, love that Bella took care of lunch.

Midget's Dad

Thanks Bog.

And looks like the video is processed and available.

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Proud Parent
Proud Parent
Sep 25, 2007
That is awesome!!! Great job Midget!!! 3 9s in her first L3 meet is amazing. I am sure she is so proud of herself and that you guys are super proud of her as well. What a great meet. The leg cut is HARD for some girls and L3 has 2 of them. My DD has been battling with it until just a few weeks ago, she finally got it the correct way and pretty solid. Some girls just "get it" and others need time to figure it all out. She will get it, one day it will just click!

She looked so cute out there. I loved her beam mount. She has nice form and pointed toes throughout. Bars will catch up!. Especially after an injury on something, it is hard to get it all back. She will and then she will rock bars, too. Abby has had 2 mishaps on beam in the past few weeks (split it on a leap and hit her back on a BWO on beam trying to not hit a teammate who was getting on the beam right when she was going) and it shows, but I know she will find her way back to being more confident up there.

Hard to be with the next age group before you are actually that age. Our age groups are usually bigger, so as a 6yo L4, Abby almost always competed with 6-8 year olds. This year I feel bad because she has some experience as a repeater, but that was how it was for her last year, guess it is how it goes. They don't separate it out at all here. She has been lucky the last 2 meets were 6-7 year old age groups, so she placed higher than she would have in a 6-8 yo age group. I have never heard of the "over 34" and you are in a different awards group, interesting!

Tell her she did great and how awesome to win a pizza!!! Glad it was a fun time for all.


Proud Parent
Nov 15, 2008
Yeah! She did great! Her scores remind me sooo much of Ky's when she was a L2. She would get first on floor, beam and vault and dead last on bars! Took her forever to get the upper body strength she needed for that leg cut. Now bars are one of her best events! She'll get there, she's very young! GREAT job to Midget!!!


Way to go Bella! Sounds like a great start to the season! Bella's going to be joining the over 34 club really soon!
Thank you for sharing Bella's special day with us! Congratulations Bella!!! She looked beautiful doing her routines.

I would love it if you could send your announcer to Canada for our meets! What a fun personality, it will keep that meet memorable when she's got 20 under her belt:)
Mar 10, 2008
Congratulations on a great meet.

Those mill circles still make me as nervous as anything to watch.
Jan 22, 2008
She looks wonderful. What a great meet. you should be very proud. The bars will come that mill circle it just an evil skill. Give it time she will hit that blue mark before you know it. She is off to a great start


Proud Parent
Oct 10, 2008
I think what we are doing, you compete at the age you are before the end of the season. Maybe the age you would be at Nationals?

I did read it, but DD's birthday is before the competition season so it didn't sink in.

She is super! I'm going to show her meet video to DD.

Midget's Dad

Thanks everyone.

Midget is super proud of herself. And she has every right I think.

Pretty sure they will spend this week working on bars. Then we are off to Disney next week. Whee vacation!

These meets are really fun and are much more relaxed than the ones the older girls attend. They divide them up more than normal, generally keeping the girls grouped with between 6 and 10 in each group. And then they add the red and blue divisions in order to keep the really good girls from dominating. Very much an atmosphere centered on making it as fun as possible. The announcer is one of the owners of the host gym and is always a trip. I had no idea that my little baby had a boyfriend. Not sure I am to happy about that. ;)

Our gym only takes the lower levels and the new 5s to let them get some competition time under their belts.
Sep 8, 2007
Great job Bella!!!WOW 3 9's !! That mill circle gives so many girls troubles I am glad my dd no longer has to do it.Have a great time at Disney!!
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