For Parents Meet report for the 2nd meet of the season

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Proud Parent
Feb 16, 2008
Last night was Bug's second meet. 6:30pm start time, finished at 9pm, and 2 hour drive home after. YUCK!!!!!! I had a horrible time getting out of bed this am.

First up floor: Our gym name starts with an A so we are normally the first gym to go in a rotation, not this meet the gym that started with a W went first, so Bug was at the end of the rotation. Held handstands, still with the dragging of the back leg on the split leap--it looked so much better in warm up. Still she beat her last meet with a personal best and got a 9.375. 4th place

Vault came next: Still working to leave out the studder steps and speed up the run, also coaches were really getting after her to point her toes at all time. The score that was flashed for her was 9.35, but at awards her AA score was 0.1 higher that I added up--come to find out her real score was 9.45 tie for 8th place

Bars: The hardest judge for our state was on bars--Bug only got a 8.9 from her at the mock meet, so I was nervous for her going to this event. Still with a flexed foot on the cut back and a few steps on the dismount 9.15 6th place

Beam: Coaches have really been nic-picking Bug at practice on her beam, and it paid off. 9.300 tied for 6th and another personal best

All-around: 37.275 (personal best) and 4th place out of 39 girls.

Team took again took third with many of the big team of the state there. Hopefully this is a sign how the girls will do at states in a few weeks.

We have another meet this weekend, then a weekend off before states.
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Proud Parent
Proud Parent
Sep 25, 2007
She did beautifully!! Can't imagine getting a 37AA and getting 4th place, crazy. Tough competition you guys have there and Bug is right there with them! I am sure she will do great at States!!! Yuck on the start time and 2 hour drive home.

But what a horrible amount of kids in an age group, that is crazy. How far do they go out for awards? Everyone at our State Meet was complaining about having 25-30 kids, I can't imagine 39 at a regular meet. Yikes.


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Feb 26, 2007
Wow that was aone late meet for little kids and their families, sounds like they try to jam way too many kids into one weekend. Cha CHing!

Thoses scores are incredible, there must be some incredibly well prepared gymmies in your state. Bug did an amazing job in the face of such stiff competition, she must be feeling so happy to be doing so well. 4th AA out of 39 is amazing.

Great placements ahs must be loving her new medals.


Proud Parent
Feb 16, 2008
WI has to break the age group once there are 45 in an age. Here in the fall season, level 4 only gets all around awards and acheivement ribbons for each event. This meet went out 19 places for all around. At States at the beginning of Dec per the tenative schedule there are 40 girls in Bug session and that is with 8 year old broke in half--her session is 8 1/2 year girls. There they will go out 50% with medals on each event and trophies for all around.

Looking at other meet results that we did not go to I think that there is a chance that out of the top 10, only Bug and the girl in 10th place are in the same age group for states, everyone else appears that they will be in the younger half of the age and in their own session. There is one girl that I am not sure about.


Wow, those are some fantastic scores! She looks great out there! I agree - you definitely have some tough competition there in WI. Good to hear that the State meet will be broken down into smaller groups - sounds like Bug may have a good shot at winning! Yay!



Proud Parent
Mar 20, 2009
That sounds typical of the scores here as well. At Alex's fall qualifier there were girls getting nearly 38AA. If you didn't score at least 36.5 AA you were not even making it to the podium at all. Really tough competition. I keep saying that it stinks to be a 10 year old level 4 here in region IV.

Bug's scores were AWESOME!! I was soooo suprised that she did not place 1st on any event with those scores. Ugh!! She looks really good! Very nice job!!
Sep 30, 2008
Region 3
Loved the video and Mom's commentation, lol!! 5 stars all the way :D

What a great little gymnast! I see that she is using the old music. Pixie's gym changed to the new music and I really think the routine to the new music looks like it is slow and tends to drag. I personally don't care for it. I just think presentation is so much better to the old music. However, Pixie likes the new music. I think because it's something different is all.

Anyway, congrats on a great meet, Bug!!


Wow, what great routines and scores! She must be floating on cloud 9. :cloud9: she should be very proud! And mama, too!!


Proud Parent
Mar 1, 2007
WOW! That is a HUGE score! I am also surprised she didn't take first AA! I'm sure she will do great at states!

LOL, I would prefer the evening meet session, we are night people...those early morning ones stink! Tomorrow DD has a meet about an hour away with an 8am start time. Since becoming a L5 we have not had an early morning start yet, usually the 4's go first. But this meet is for 5,6 and 7 only so we are in that first session. UGH!
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