For Parents Meet report little DD...out of the 6's and 7's!

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Proud Parent
Aug 16, 2008
3,735 9's tonight at our in-house meet for little DD...but also no 6's or 7's (or 5's which we have also gotten before!:eek:) We will take it! She also ended up finishing 2nd place in all 4 events and 2nd all around (out of 3...but...;))

Here are her scores and most importantly her BARS progress!

Vault 8.7 up from 8.3
Bars 8.50 up from 6.25!!!!!!
Beam 8.00 up from 7.5. Stayed ON!...but lots of wobbles and bobbles!
Floor 8.3 down from 8.85 (lots of bent legs...not her best!)

She needs a 36 all around to move up to level 3/4...I am thinking at the next meet (not till January) we might just get there. Maybe! The other great part about the night was her kindergarten teacher and assistant came to cheer her on. Her face just lit up when she saw them. Priceless.

I have her videos up on youtube...not spectacularly thrilling but I am proud of her and we continue to see improvements each meet.
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Sep 9, 2008
Congrats! That is great progress and wow, having her teacher and assistant come and cheer her on....that is priceless! What a great night. She'll have that 36AA for sure!


Moderator/Proud Parent
Aug 25, 2007
North Carolina
Yay !!!!!

What a great meet for her, most of her scores really jumped. Sounds like everything is starting to click! That 36AA will be here before long.
I replied under your other thread, but thought I should add something here to make sure you saw it!

CONGRATULATIONS to your little doll! What a huge jump in her bars score!! She must be so proud of herself.

How nice that her teacher and assistant came out to watch, what a way to make her feel special!!


Proud Parent
Proud Parent
Sep 25, 2007
Congrats to your little DD!!! Those are some great improvements in her scores. Good for her! She is obviously working hard. How fun for her to have a special cheering section just for her. :D She is very cute and doing so well.


Nice job. It is fun to have a cheering section. Those are great scores.. I am sure she will do well in January... Good luck to her.



Proud Parent
Oct 13, 2008
North Las Vegas, NV
That's wonderful! Allison's teacher showed up to her home meet last year (she had 3 girls in her class on team, how crazy is that??) and it made her day!! Good job!
Sep 8, 2007
Omg that was so sweet her teaches came to cheer her on! Some great improvements tell her to keep it up she is doing great!


Proud Parent
Mar 6, 2009
OMG SO FREAKING CUTE! Love it!!!! I especially Love the little sister cheers in the background!


That's a huge improvement! WTG!! How much that her teachers came to cheer for her.
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