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Proud Parent
Aug 16, 2008
Since it is the off-season, I thought I'd report on my little DD's in-house meet.:)

Here is a little background...

She is 5 years old and is on the L2 team at our gym plus doing TOPS training. She was invited to be on the L2 team and TOPS by the gym's head coach who noticed "something special" in her when she was in the rec class. All this is very interesting considering she has a mild physical disability and has some muscle tone issues. We actually started both daughters in gymnastics in 2007 when little DD's doctors told us it would be good for her motor development skills. Anyway, she's been struggling in L2 since starting in February. Bars have absolutely been horrid for her. Just this week in camp she did her pullover by herself...twice! (still does not have back hip circle or L2 dismount though!). She's been improving in her beam, floor, and vault so we were just hoping to see some improvement in her scores.

Here's how it went...and I am listing the last meet's scores (from May) to show how she has improved (I am so proud of her!)

Vault 8.6....up from 5.0!!!
Bars 6.35...up from 6.0 (she did her pullover by herself in warmup but not in the routine...UGH:eek:)
Beam 7.5...up from 7.0 (this was with a fall on the forward roll AND a fall on the stand up from the MOUNT which she DID last meet, and 3 times in warmup, and normally has no trouble with).
Floor 8.85...up from 7.5! :)

So, we broke 30.0 for the first time and also saw improvement in all the scores. It is so interesting with her. When she was a baby we were not sure if she'd ever walk or talk or do anything....and now here I sit watching her compete with some very talented little kids. I get tears in my eyes just seeing her out there on the floor. I am so happy with evey improvement and every skill landed. She is just my amazing little bug!:eek: She has a long way to go to move up to L4 (our team's TOPS kids go from L2 to L4 when they get a 36 at an in-house meet)) but I think in a year or so she might actually do it!:)

Thanks for listening to my story....if you have read this far! After her last meet with the 5.0 on vault I just really wasn't sure if it were meant to be for her to stay in the program. Now, I think we will stick with it and I will keep writing my checks to the gym! It has been so awesome for her confidence and her coordination and strength.

Anybody else doing in-house summer meets?:)


Doesn't it make you feel great when your child achieves things that doctors said she your never do?
Sounds like she is doing well and learning just fine

gym law mom

Proud Parent
Dec 23, 2006
Your little dd is a champion in my book. She hasn't let anything slow her down and is doing activities at one time thought impossible for her. Tell her a big congrats and just keep on having fun!


WTG!! That is great improvement. I set up an excel spread sheet for my DD she put in her scores after each meet and it does a chart showing her scores and a trend line so she can see the Upward movement. It helped her sooo much because when she had a tough meet and was feeling down she could see the trend line still going up.
Jan 2, 2009
how wonderful for her! :D:D:D

Send photos to all those gloom and doom doctors, okay? I can relate, because I have twin boys, one was a micro-preemie, and they told us he would have all matter of disabilities. He has a few minor issues but he's a scrappy little thing. Doctors always want you to believe the worst case scenario!

sounds like she's doing great!


Good for her!!! Love reading stuff like that.

And to answer your question--we don't have in house meets in the summer at all--the only ones we have are right before the competition season--the intrasquad to get ready and see where they're at. Of course we also don't have a level 2 either! (our first level of team is 4)


Proud Parent
Nov 15, 2008
What an inspiration she is! And how wonderful that she found a sport that makes her happy and feel good about herself...and she does so well at!
May 20, 2009
That's so awesome to hear! I love it when I hear about kids overcoming obstacles and doing things doctors said they might not. Way to go! Can't wait to read more about her progress. :)
Mar 16, 2009
What a lot of improvement! Good for her! I know it's extra special when she has more to overcome to achieve her goals. What a tough little trooper!


Proud Parent
Aug 16, 2008
I will tell little DD how proud the chalkbucketers are of her. We went to visit family last week, so she has her first practice tomorrow. She really had that darn pullover down about 75% of the time before we left...hopefully it will still be there tomorrow! I'll let you know!:)
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