Meet Report - Meet #3

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Ok, first off, thank you to catesmom for the squat on fairy. She arrived on time and did her job just perfect!

I stayed on the floor to help the coach (since I have a professional number as a meet director). Just to help them keep lined up in order and stuff. So, I didn't really get to watch DD. She actually said she didn't want me to watch too much - I think we were both afraid we'd make eye contact with eachother! Her goal was a 36 AA.

They started on floor. DD scored a 9.4 for 1st place! Then vault where she scored an 8.85 for 4th. Vault is coming along. Second vault was on her bad leg. It's the highest she's scored, but she's determined now to get it up in the 9's. Then it's off to bars. She not completely horizontal in cast, but almost there. Tap swings and all look great from what I watch, and everything connects. Scores a 9.45 for 1st! (3rd meeting placing 1st on bars). Yeah. Okay, so I figure she only needs an 8.3 on BB to hit her goal. They rotate to beam, and the other flight hadn't even warmed up yet. Coach did a great job keeping them moving and focused. Had a long wait. Scores a 9.5 on BB for 1st place! Finishes with a 37.2 AA and 1st Place! She's never scored a 37 before, and never finished 1st on BB, FX or AA! Okay, now I wish I had brought my video tape so I could actually see her. Very proud of DD. Team finished 2nd, only slight behind team that had 3 times as many girls.

Thanks for all good luck wishes!
What wonderful results, great job! My DD's best meets have been untaped, I wonder if that means something?
Wow what a great AA score. Congratulations on a great meet. Glad that fairy got there on time, she helped my Cate make it to states! I was worried she might not make it! Glad the meet was all you were hpoing for, big {hugs} from our house to yours!!!
Yes, she is very proud. she said her goal was a 36, and her coach told her that was too easy and she should try of a 37. I though, yeah right. But she has been working hard. She was 2nd at her last meet and got a snowglobe, which she called Nastia, Jr. Now she's changed it and the trophy is Nastia, Jr. and the snowglobe is Shawn, Jr. After a tough year last year and changing gyms this year, it seems to be paying off for her. We have this weekend off, and then meets every other week for the next three meets. I just glad for the week off inbetween. We did 3 in a row last year, and I think it was one of the worst things for her (her scores dropped each meet) and for me.
Holy cow! What a great meet! That is awesome. We here are all very proud of her.
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