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Our Winter State meet took place this weekend and both girls had a blast and recorded some "firsts" that they are very proud of, so here goes:

DD3 - Level 3

8.55 on floor - 5th place
8.55 on vault
8.45 on bars - 5th place
9.2 on beam - 2nd place

AA 34.75 - 3rd place

She was so excited about her progress and the coaches chose her to bring home the team trophy - she was over the moon to be chosen.

DD1 - Level 5

8.45 on bars - 3rd place
9.3 on beam - 2nd place (bff took 1st place)
8.45 on floor - 4th place
9.425 on vault - 1st place and Winter State Champion !!

AA 35.625 - 1st place and Winter State Champion

First all around win - she is so excited!!:)
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Feb 26, 2007
I am so glad that both of your girls had a great state meet experience. What awesome results they both had. That L5 vaults kicks someserious butt, she made the table look so small, when we all know it's a beast.

I love the trophy tale, I bet she'll have it right by her bed tonight.


Thanks for your kind comments bog, you are so right it has pride of place at the bottom of her bed!


Glad to hear that they both did so well !!! They both must have been walking on clouds after their great performances. Congrats to both of them :)


Proud Parent
Mar 9, 2008
Congrats to both of your DD's!!! A 3rd AA & 1st AA, that is GREAT!!!! Soooo exciting for both of them! I'll bet they have ear to ear smiles:).
Sep 9, 2008
How wonderful that both your DD's had such a great States! Congratulations! My DD is home today because of snow/ice and she really enjoyed watching your videos! Congrats again to your DD's.
Jul 12, 2007
What an exciting time for both of your gymmies!!!!!!!! Congrats to them for a job well done. Loved the vids, thanks for sharing...

Granny Smith

Proud Parent
Jun 21, 2007
What a great accomplishment by both of your girls - how very exciting! I guess that they will both be on to the next levels. It's great when it all comes together when you want it too!


Awesome news and congratulations. Great progress and a state champ too. That must of been one heck of a car ride home:D Here's to an incredible end to your season, and best wishes for your upcoming one


Great job, to both of your dd's! So neat that they both felt good about their meet. I like your L5 dd's pretty look on beam, and your L3 was very precise on her floor, you could tell she was really concentrating. How fun for you to get to watch two dd's at State! Busy & nerve-wracking for you I'm sure, but fun! :) Congrats also, to the State Champ!
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