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DD had a great meet :). There were 40 girls in her level and age group (10 and 11 yr olds - P3's) and for the 10 yr olds (not sure how many) she scored:

Beam - 12.40 (2nd place)
Bars - 11.55 (2nd place)
Vault - 12.60 (2nd place)
Floor - 12.35 (1st place)

AA - 1st place :D

One of her teammates placed 1st AA for the 11 yr olds and another 5th AA, and by my calculations (because that's what us mommies do, LOL) if they had all been lumped together dd would have been somewhere between 2nd AA and 4th AA - so she is very happy with herself and Mom and Dad are very proud :)

I am trying to post a video, but having some trouble uploading from our (ancient) video camera - I'll keep trying!



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Feb 26, 2007
Those are great scores for P3, I assume they divided that huge group for awards. 1st AA is such a great acheivment.
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