For Parents Meet result and Floor Routine.Warning-Long Post

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Nov 5, 2007
Dd had her 3rd meet yesterday and I was a little disappointed.She scored in the low 7's on bars and beam.Fell twice on both events.:(
I can understand the barscore and I know she also fell twice on beam but everything else looked pretty good to me.They lowered her SV to a 9.8.Fell on backseries and fhs.Had both feet on the beamon her series but only got one on,on the fhs.Had a beautifull switchleap straddlefump(was even up to 180) and as far that I could tell it was connected.Made her splitleap 3/4 tuck,but had a little wobble.Had a step on her ro full dismount.The thing I just don't understand is how did the gymnasts that did not even connect their flight series score higher?
Sorry just venting.Well I'm still proud of her for going for her dismount on beam that she crashed on in practice the night before.Missed one of her feet on the ro part.
Well she finally showed of what she is capable on floor.She did a ro bhs 1 1/2 and piked out of it,did her fhs full and her fhs whip pike.She scorred a 9.3 and got 1 st place.
Hopefully nextmeet she can do her fhs full tuck also in her routine.
On vault she was not her usual self either.They started wrming up on one vault and then went to the other one(which goes in the different direction)to finish.Got an 8.7-5th place.

Here is the link to the floor routine.I was pretty shaky.Need tripod.

YouTube - Floor Palouse 2009
Nov 9, 2007
My dd is only a 7 so can't be much help there, but the feelings go across levels. Sometimes I don't have a clue where the deductions come from, but I only hope that the scoring is fair.

I loved her floor, the tumbling was beautiful! Congratulate the floor champ for us!
Jan 17, 2008
Thanks for sharing the video. Your DD looks fantastic. My L8 DD is doing a RO BHS Full and a half. her coach wants her to start working the punch out of it.. Now I can show her how it is supposed to look!!

Congrats to the floor champ!


I think that she did great!I love her run, very cute. She's very strong on the tumbling passes. Way to go!
Way to go on the floor! I saw and posted to the vid on youtube, she did fantastic! So much spunk!

I've seen her nail beam and vault (weird having her do a different one from the one she warmed up) and I'm sure the bars will come together in time.

Let her know she has a Canadian fan base!


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Feb 26, 2007
She is just an amazing tumbler. Shame about the other events, but they all have off days, nice that she still placed and got to bring home some bling.
Mar 5, 2008
North America
Congrats Floor Champ!!! What a great routine--I love the music!!! Sorry about the other events, it happens. But way to bring home the gold in floor!


Proud Parent
Proud Parent
Sep 25, 2007
Awesome floor routine, wow! Congrats to her! They all have off days. Hopefully next meet it will all come together better. :) She is a beautiful little gymnast!
Sep 30, 2008
Region 3
I'm so sorry she had an off day. Hopefully her rocking floor routine gave her some consolation! I'm sorry I can't offer you much as we are still learning how to handle a bad fall, routine, meet ourselves. But I wanted to let you know that I thought the floor was spectacular! Hugs to you both!!
Sep 8, 2007
Great job to floor champ,love her routine! sorry she is having trouble with bars,beam she is doing very difficult skills Im sure she will be nailing them soon.
Nov 5, 2007
Thanks eveybody.Floor and Vault is usuall her best event.I think beam for her is hit and miss and bars is a confidence issue.I talked to the coach and she said that my daughter did not get her coneection bonus so that knocked 2/10 th of her SV.Everybodies beamscore was low even the once that stuck eveything.Dd is also working on some different leapjumps to get her bonus to see if she is more consistent with those.
Next meet will be in 2 weeks and unfortunatly she is comming down with the cold.
Hope it doesn't get to bad.

gym law mom

Proud Parent
Dec 23, 2006
Belated congrats on a great floor routine. We have stayed and watched several L9 sessions this season and bars just seems to be a killer for many girls. L9 is really an endurance level---I think it really hits home to the L8s who have watched that this is why all that conditioning is done. Bars is the one event where the girls get no real chance to take a breath. Its go, go, go until they finish.

Hope the cold isn't a bad one.
Aug 3, 2007
Great floor routine. I would love to see my dd do a routine that nicely! I feel your pain regarding bad meets. We just had one this past weekend, and dd fell twice on bars, twice on floor, and fell on the landing of both vaults, which she has never done in her life. Beam was nearly flawless, which is funny because that's usually her worst event. This is such a frustrating sport- why do we put ourselves through it?- lol!
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