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Nov 29, 2008
Minn eee sooo ta! :)
I had a home meet today. There were 3 teams in my division and we took 2nd behind the best team in the program. (by 3 points)
1st vault- tuck tsuk. 1 step 9.05
2nd vault- pike tsuk(first time ever) made it bent legs on the horse, one step 9.0- 5th place
Kip stoop straddlecut kip free hip to hand. fall over. half pierouette kip switch kip handstand giant giant double flyaway tucked. And the funny thing is, i screwed up and got the highest bar score of my life! 9.15- 2nd place behind my teammate
Easy side mount, wolf 3/4 tuck1/1. Not connected and a wobble. BHS layout stepout fall. Down dance. Full turn. double stag back tuck. Round off layout 1/1 dismount. 8.7- 2nd place behind my teammate
RO BHS double full. FHS front 1/1. wolf 3/1 tuck 1/1 tuck 1/1. cat leap 1/1 1/1 pierouette. RO BHS BHS layout 1/1. RO straddle jump BT. Everything was either stuck or a step back. (I later found out from the judge that i had 3 roundoffs in my routine, so my dance tumble didn't get counted, 2 tenths) 9.15- 2nd place behind my teammate
All Around.
36.05- 2nd place behind my teammate
141.something. 2nd place (we take top 4 scores on each event)
Not open for further replies.