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Jan 8, 2006
Ahwahnee, CA
Gymbabi had her first meet of the season last weekend, The Santa Cruz surf classic. It was a lot of fun. She did really well too. Had a 34.225 AA which is her highest ever. She wound up in 7th place so there were some really strong gyms there. She had a few little issues that are not normal for her on floor and got 8.8. Had a great vault for 9.45 (3rd place). Bars are coming along, she had 8.175 without a giant and beam she did really pretty but she was slow on her connection and even though she did not stop, they did not give her the connection, and she had a fall, so that was only a 7.8. But she's been so strong and fluid on beam in the gym that I know that score will improve at her next meet. We we're really really happy with how she did and how she felt about it (all smiles) and can't wait for the next meet.
Next meet is Technique in Rancho Cordova Saturday January 28th. :)
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