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Mar 19, 2009
We had another meet this weekend... painful to say the least... lol

YouTube - Meet By The Bay 2010

I won't bother making anyone guess the scores:

Vault - 8.050 (8th)
Bars - 8.750 (5th)
Beam - 8.800 (5th)
Floor - 7.750... ACK!!

Ironically this was her first meet of the season that she DIDN'T fall on beam and it was her lowest AA score (33.450 - 5th) by over 7 tenths. She was happy to finally stay on beam though. She's scored over 34 with a fall the last 2 meets.

One more meet in 2 weeks then she has zones where she must score a 34 to qualify for states. After this last meet I am really scared that she won't score it. Can someone send her FORM FAIRIES!! :D
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Wow I have never seen an actual meet but I thought she looked pretty good. She seemed to do better if she slowed down a little bit and took her time. You could tell when she was hurrying cause he feet would get wobbely. It was a joy to watch her video.
Wow, that's some harsh scoring on floor. I thought her routine was nice - definitely deserved higher than a 7.75! I would have guessed mid to high 8s. Beam looked really nice too. She just needs some more amplitude on her leaps and a bigger split jump and she will get into the 9s for sure. I'm not sure we have any form fairies to spare, but sending her good luck for that 34!
As I have NEVER experience a meet either, I am speaking from a pure lamen on this. I agree with the PP that it appears she is rushing things just a little. Her form looks pretty good, and she seems to be getting her feet under her when she lands. No akward landings and such. Overall I thought it looked pretty good.
I probably wouldnt worry to much about her making a 34+ to qualify for state. If she has made it all the times before this meet with having a fall at 2 meets, it seems to me that maybe she just had a really off day this time.
Im probably not making much sense to you experienced team mom, Im new to it this year and we havent had any meets yet. So I truely dont know what Im talking about from the tech aspect of it.
I hope all the best for her. She seems to be having a good season, who just had a bad day that day.
Keep us posted, we are all waiting for her future updates
Wow, that was some tough floor scoring. I thought her routine looked pretty good and certainly better that the score she received.

I am sure those scores will go up for the next meet. You can have my dd's form fairies, she won't need them until Jan. :)
I thought she looked great and agree that was pretty harsh scoring. Congratulate her on hitting beam. I wouldn't worry too much about scoring 34. She looks really solid. This might be a really good learning experience for her. Some kids really look at avoiding falling as being the be all and end all in meets, but they readily give up much more than the .5 for a fall 1-2 tenths at a time. Maybe she'll realize the importance of fighting for every tenth. I'd be confident that her scores will go up with each meet.
Looks like the judging was tough! I would never have guessed those scores but Pixie's first L5 meet is in a few weeks. We may be in for a shocker if this is indicative of L5 scoring.

wtg, on staying on that beam!
She should be happy, I'm happy for her too :)
Wow she so did not deserve the floor score that she got. Sure there were some areas for deductions, need more toes point on split leap, bent legs on landing of FHS. Overall though it was a nice routine. She looked good on bars. Just needs to slow beam down a little.

Good luck for the rest of the season.
Thanks for all the kind comments everyone. She's working really hard and I think she's fabulous but that's my job right? hehe

On the rushing on beam comments, boy you all are so right on. Her coach used to joke that she did speed beam. This has slowed down so much.

She was really happy this meet. She's on a big team and it was the first time all of the girls got to compete together. I have never seen her giggle so much between events. Plus the name Meet By The Bay really said it all, we were right on the water and the viewing was beautiful.
She did great! I thought her floor should have been lower to mid 8. Were all the floor scores low or just your daughters?
Oh the floor scores were so random even the coaches couldn't figure it out. Our floor coach tried to complain about one score in particular and the judge told her, "Your team is winning by 3 points, why do you can so much about one score" and she was like... uh okay it's just one of those days.

She felt though across the board that the scores were 4 to 6 tenths low.
I just watched the video. All I can say is that she got ROBBED on floor!!! What were those judges thinking??? I couldn't really see any major deductions. Let's just hope that this meet was a judging fluke and she gets higher scores next meet. I thought her bars and beam routines were solid and the scores she received were pretty accurate--mid to upper 8's are good.
Yikes, they were really tough on floor. I think it was at least a mid 8, depending on how tough scoring was. Were they tough on everyone?? Sometimes they just are tough on everyone, and as long as it is fair, then it sucks, but you just deal. Glad she stayed on beam and that she had a fun time! Hoping she gets that 34 at Zones!!
Just watched the video and she really has the potential to be a very good gymnast. She's got a nice line and just needs to keep working on stretching it out even more. Couldn't tell much about vault because it was back in a corner(I swear thats where vault ends up 90% of the time), bars--smooth out the connections on low bar and watch for leg seperation and flexed feet and she'll be up in the 9s. Yeah, beam was a bit rushed, but the hs and cartwheel were very solid and had good form. I think she gave away a 9 with a few wobbles right after the hs.
I didn't get floor either. The only things(and this is real picky) would be arms should be sharp/crisp, seemed to me like she got ahead of the music in 1 or 2 places and then slowed down to get back with it. Go for bigger leaps. Dive roll and back extension roll were nice. She looks in places like she is really "selling" the routine---work on doing that for the whole routine.

I think she'll get 34+ at zones.
I thought she did really well too...I noticed the leg separation on bars and the bobbles on the beam, but thought those events were great otherwise. I don't understand the 7.75 and that makes me very afraid for my DD who has a sometimes-froglike BHS. The only thing I noticed was her arms as a previous poster mentioned...they seemed to be a little less straight than they should be. Still no way should that floor have been a 7.75.

She should be proud and with that floor score going up next time the 34 should be no problem!
Wow she so did not deserve the floor score that she got. Sure there were some areas for deductions, need more toes point on split leap, bent legs on landing of FHS. Overall though it was a nice routine. She looked good on bars. Just needs to slow beam down a little.

Good luck for the rest of the season.

Along with this, make sure to tell her to rebound out of the fhs - that can be quite a significant deduction. Maybe someone "in the knows" can give an exact, but I think it might be a .3 deduction for the no controlled rebound out the fhs? That would make a big difference to her score and is an easy fix :)
I am no expert on lvl5 but I agree she was robbed! That was a beautiful floor routine!

She is a joy to of luck at her next meet!
OK I just looked at the video and was trying to be as critical as I could and I couldn't find all the deductions. I came out around a mid 8 based on what I saw.

So I am throwing my vote in for she got robbed.

I thought she did awesome on all events. :D
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