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Rayna competed her 3rd and final qualifier. She had a good meet, but not her strongest showing of the season. She placed 5th on vault, 2nd on beam and floor and 1st on bars. 1st all around. This is the 1st time she's won bars, and the first time she hasn't won beam and floor!

I think going in to the meet already qualified worked against her. She seems to do better with more pressure. Bars was last up and her coach told her that her bars had better be beautiful or she might not place in the AA. That made her step up to the plate, and it was her highest bar score ever.

I'm going to try to get the video up sometime in the next day or 2 before I start my new job and miss my opportunity. She wants me to post her beam. She had a *huge* wobble after her full turn (I don't know how she stayed on!) but other than that, it was the best beam routine I've seen her do:)

We're done the season now until Provincials and that's the first weekend of May. Oh, and I've now heard from her coach that she'll be moving up to level 7 next year and possibly 8??, depending on skill acquisition. Until now, I'd only heard from Rayna, and I like to hear from the source!



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Feb 26, 2007
Great job Rayna. Amazing job, it is a very strong group, so top 3 is always a great spot to be.



Congratulations to Rayna! I can't wait to see her videos. How exciting that she will be skipping forward several levels! She is truly amazing!

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