Parents Meet season offically starts tommorrow

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Feb 16, 2008
Here is the day that I have been waiting for, Bug's first meet is tommorrow. Hoping the critique from the mock meet can be followed and she has a good meet.

She gave me a few more grey hairs this am after getting her flu shot. We were riding the elevator done from the 3rd floor of the clinic to leave and she tells me that she did not feel good, I asked her what was wrong and she could not tell me, the next thing I know she is passed out cold on the floor of the elevator. I have never been so scared in my life. So I start to yell for help once the door opened as we were around the corner from the peds area. First they called 911, but then she started to come around, so they had one of the peds MD come and see her, by then she was awake and talking. So they had us come to one of the exam rooms, they gave her some juice to drink. Doc checked on us a few times, then after about 20 minuted examined her and said she was OK to go. Said that he sees this happen alot with teenage girls due more so to the needles then the actual shot, and also Bug really did not eat too much before we went.

She was cleared to go to practice tonight and to the meet tommorrow. Once we got home from the MD office she was back to hand stands all around the house.

Good luck at the meet. I still have to wait 3 weeks. Oh well more time to get ready. My daughter also almost passed out after one of her vaccinations. Oh what these kids put us through. Thank goodness for hair color!!

Any way best of luck and have fun!
Hope she has a great meet! I am sure she will do great. Glad she was okay after that scare. Like we need those kind of shocks as parents of gymnasts. LOL. Can't wait to hear all about it. :D
Woah--that would be a little scary! Hope she does great at the meet today!
Holy scary shot shock Batman, I know you are a nurse, but as a mom that must've been terrifying. Glad it was a nothing in the end. Here a (((HUG)))) for you and youur punding heart.

Best of luck for the meet, based on the critiqque meet this should be a lot of fun for Bug. Have a blast!
Holy scary shot shock Batman, I know you are a nurse, but as a mom that must've been terrifying. Glad it was a nothing in the end. Here a (((HUG)))) for you and youur punding heart.

At that point in time I forgot I was a nurse, just a really scared mom.
First off...I WOULD HAVE BEEN FREAKING OUT!!! if that happenend with ANY of my kids!!! YIKES!!! So glad that it was nothing major!

Good luck at your first meet of the season Bug!! Have fun!!
YIKES!!! Glad she is okay! good luck at the meet, just remember while she is up on that beam that this isnt as scary as the fainting incident ;-)
Poor girl! Poor mommy! These kids owe us so much for all the dye jobs we have to get to cover our grey hair! My 14 year old dd does the same thing when she gets shots. We have now learned to have her lie down and stay down for a few minutes after she gets her shots. With that said!!!!! Good luck today at the meet! She is going to do so well! Can't wait to hear how it goes!!!
Now that is a truly frightening day-before-Halloween! I'd have been terrified! I'm so glad that it turned out fine.
Looking forward to hearing about the meet! :)
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