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We have a meet this weekend and I'm hoping and praying my daughter can rebound from the last one (which wasn't so hot) She is level 8 and has struggled a bit this year. Level 7 came so easy for her but now it is alot harder. She needs a huge boost in her confidence! Hope I have something good to report after the weekend. Wish her luck!!
Best of luck to your DD! I hope she has a great confidence building meet!! Oh, and I hope she has a blast as well!! Good luck!
Thanks so much!! She has had a good week in practice so we are hopeful.
GL to your dd and hugs to you both. We are having the same struggles here w/Level 8. My dd has been not only fighting skills, but also strep and now a bad cold.

I hope your DD does well and look forward to a good report !!!!
Hope she has a good one. We are headed to my dd's first level 8 meet. I'm not sure I will be able to watch. I get sooooo nervous:worried:
Good Luck, hope this meet helps with the confidence. Just getting to L8 is quite an achievement, but yes it is always nice to see all that hard work pay off...let her know the CB crowd is cheering her on!
Good luck for the meet. Just getting to L8 is an enormous acheivment, statistically it is amazing to be there. The judging is tough, routines are long, she is a star to have come this far. (ooh poetry!) Tell her we are sending good karma from way up north!
Good luck to all the level 8s competing this weekend. It really is a tough level but you never know, as things could all come together at this meet. We need a few fairies here on Saturday but you guys can share all the rest. There are plenty to go around. Have fun, good luck and let us know how your gymmies do.
Good luck! I hope it goes well and boosts her confidence. We're all here rooting for her from our computers!:):):):):):):):):):)
Wishing her all the best, in confidence, and in hitting all her routines. My daughter competed 3 years in CA (Northern). Sometimes the competition was quite tough, but we still miss it! Let us know how she does. :)
Best of luck to her! It's so nerve-wracking to watch them, especially at the higher levels - and bog is right, it's quite an accomplishment to just be competing level 8!

Let us know how she does! :)

Good Luck! We are competing this weekend also!

Wow, L8 is an accomplishment and she should be proud. I've heard it's a big jump from L7 to L8.
That is so weird, my daughter has been fighting a sore throat all week. It started last weekend (her 15th birthday). I hope she is having a good practice tonight. We have a long drive early in the morning and plan to stay and watch her teammates in the next session as well so we have a long day tomorrow. My DD is the only level 8 at her gym so she usually competes all alone, but everyone is coming to support her tomorrow so hopefully that will help her just knowing she has a cheering section. Thanks for the support and good luck with your DD, hopefully they both will have a major break-through!
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