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the gym my dd attends is hosting aau state for 2011 and we are looking for some creative ideas for a theme for our meet. please post any ideas just trying to find something different!!!!​
What's the gym name? You could always incorporate it into the theme. Once I went to a gym called "Wilkey's gymnastics academy" for a meet, and the theme was candy and the meet name was "Wikey Wonka's candyland invitational". It was a really good time!
Here's a couple I attended-

Monkey Business- Monkeys and bananas everywhere, ect.

Leapin' Luau- Hawaii, leis, palm trees

Let the games begin- Board game themed- tic tac toe/dots paper from the dollar store is what judges wrote scores on, twister boards as table cloths, ect.
I have been to many different themes:

Western Theme

Sweetheart of a Meet (valentines day)

A winter wonderland


Beach/ Tropical Days

Mardi Gras

And they always encourage clubs and gymnasts to dress up for march in and usually have a best costume award that goes to a club that is voted on by the judges..
Also lots of the time the judges dress up to!
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