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Nov 29, 2008
Minn eee sooo ta! :)
So i had a meet today.
Vault- Tucked tsuk, one step 9.05
Bars- Kip stoop straddle cut kip free hip (not quite to hand) giant giant double flyaway two steps. 8.7
Beam- wolf 3/4 tuck 1/1 connected. BHS Layout stepout fall. Down dance, full turn, double stag backtuck foot slips off fall. Roundoff full dismount. 8.2
Floor. RO BHS double full. FHS front full. jumps stuck, cat full full pierouette. RO BHS BHS Full stuck. RO straddle jump BT stuck. 9.35
AA. 35.3. Not my greatest, not my worst. 4 place.
Team. Our top girl was out with double ear infection. 1 girl only competed beam and bars because of a hematoma in her knee. Another girl out for back injury. Another girl didn't compete vault because of a sprained ankle. 137.95. 3rd place. The second place team had a 138.05. The first place team is just plain amazing. 144.something.
Good job!:) Good floor score and also good team score considering it sounded like a lot of your teammates were hurt or sick.
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