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Mar 4, 2008
I was wondering how common it is for gymnasts to attend a sanctioned meet early in the season that had a judges workshop for the gymnasts on the following day?:rolleyes:


Unfortunately, I have never experienced this in men's gymnastics, but I do think it is a great idea. Having an early meet in the season that could be a "tune-up" meet, followed by a judges workshop. That workshop would help out the gymnasts a lot, because it would explain what they are looking for and the biggest mistakes gymnasts make.

Since the meet is early in the season, the gymnasts have the opportunity to fix up their routines after the judge's workshop and then they can improve them for states, regionals, and nationals!


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Dec 9, 2008
I don't coach the competitive team (just preteam up to level 2), but I have heard of the team girls doing this. It sounds like a great opportunity! To get the judges feedback and corrections in person and know why a score is what it is...that is really invaluable information.
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