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Jan 2, 2009
:)This was kind of fun. DD repeated level 4 last year and did really well, but she also managed a level 5 meet after states. since she was supposed to have been in level 5 last year, she didn't want to spend the whole season in L5 again, but they put her in the low L5 group again.

The first day of the summer session she came home and told us she was bored:eek: (not good for her!) so we arranged a meeting with the head coach.

DH took DD to the meeting, and she had all her goals written down with her dates that she wants to accomplish them by. DH told the coach he was just there for support, and DD told the coach how she doesn't feel challenged in that group, and would like to move to a more advanced group. DD has always been very quiet in class because she is a "rules" person, and it's a "rule" not to argue with the coach, so they never really knew that she likes to be pushed.

Long and short of it was they can't move her up because the two level 6 groups are full, but if they have any quits they will move her up. The coach did say though that she absolutely could do level 6 from the group she is in, and now all the coaches are pushing her to learn new skills (which is what she wanted). Since she is in a lower group, the coaches are also asking her to demonstrate all the skills the other girls are trying to learn.

The coach was very impressed that DD was willing to sit down and have a conference with her. DD is only 9, but she said they have 16YO girls who will go tell their problems to their parents and the parents come in and fight their battles for them. I think she earned some respect from the coach that day!

I'm just so Proud! Had to share.;)


Granny Smith

Proud Parent
Jun 21, 2007
Way-to-go to your dd! That was a very grown up thing she did, I bet the coaches are impressed with her maturity and for her knowing what she wants.
Sep 8, 2007
Wow I'm impressed my dd also 9 would not be that brave to do all the talking .It sounds like they worked it out and now she can work on the upper level skills.Good for her.
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