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Jan 5, 2013
So my mom and I ordered two leotards from Melody Leotards on December 28 as sort of a "late Christmas present". This is our first time ordering from them AND the first time ordering leotards online so I'm like a total noob and have no idea what to expect, LOL. :eek: How long should it take for them to make the leos and ship and everything? I live in Central Canada, btw. Would the holidays and all affect them much? It's been over a week already.

Also...Has anyone ordered from Melody Leotards before? What is your experience with them? The stuff they have is really nice looking but how's the quality? One last question (must be sick of them by now!)...is the return policy any good? My mom is worried that we ordered too big or too small.

Thanks everyone!!! :D:D:D
Anything you order from the US can up to three weeks to arrive, even longer at Xmas. I have no idea what takes so long, but that is the way it is unfortunately.
I am in the US, I found shipping to be fast, a couple of days. They forgot one item in my order and mailed it out immediately for me. The Leo's are nice, my dd really loves them for everyday practice. I have has a very positive experience with them.
My daughter loves them and says they are the most comfortable ones she has Shipping has always been very fast, but we are in the US.
We got our team warm-up leos from them (16 leos total) and got them in under a month. Super great service, great quality, and really pretty leos! I would definitely order from them again.
Our experience with Melody leotards has been great. I ordered 3 back in the fall, when I got my order, it was obviously someone elses...huge order and wrong size. She was super quick to email me about the mixup, resent my items the same day, and for the trouble, gave me a leo of my choice free. They fit my dd the same way GK leos do.
Wow reillysmom2 - that must have been my order that you got :) We were trying to get some matching leotards for our girls to practice in. Melody Leotards are awesome, my experiences are always first rate, and she is quick to clear up problems with ordrers.
Mel is awesome to work with. She helped DD's team organize a "design your own leo" fundraiser last year that was a big success. I do know that a few weeks before Christmas she posted a "we can no longer promise delivery in time for Christmas" message on her FB page, so it is possible that she has a holiday backlog. But she generally has really quick turn-around times, and I'm sure you'll be happy with the end result!
I have had a very good experience with Melody's leotards. It took a few weeks to get my leotard, but it was also around Christmas time, so I'm sure that affected it. The quality is great, it fits like my gk leos (it's a competition leo), and overall I'm really happy with it. I haven't had to deal with returns or anything, so I'm not sure about customer service, but from what others are saying it sounds great. :)
Melody leos are great and Mel's customer service is wonderful! She even has a repair policy for popped seams and missing jewels within a certain time after your purchase. You will not be disappointed!
Love Melody leotards. Sizing is a little different than most leos my daughter wears, but since we had read that here, we ordered a size bigger. Great leos.

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They do have a Christmas backlog as I'm still waiting for a leo I ordered well before Christmas and I emailed them to ask if there was a delay.
I got the Melody grab bag earlier this year (Hope she does it again!!!), and DD loved them. They still look great, held up in the wash, super comfy, and fit really similar to GK. I'd definitely order again from her.
I have nothing but good things to say about Melody Leotards! My daughter loves them--they are very comfortable. The owner herself is very responsive to questions and is excellent to deal with!
I love Melody! We're really spoiled, because Melody lives in the same city as our gym, so we just shoot her an email of what we need and pick it up at her house. Can't beat that! :)
Our gym orders our team leos from Melody. Unfortunately it always seems the sample sizes are way off from what we get so I'm learning to always order up a size. But the leos always turn out very nice looking and we've been happy with the other leos that we've ordered. We also did the grab bag and were very happy. Sure hope she offers that again because that was a STEAL!!
Nothing else to add really, just another positive experience to share. I've ordered melody leotards to sell on our rack at gym and they've usually sold really quickly. I think shipping has usually been a fortnight to the UK but sometimes quicker. The sizing does seem a little different than what we are used to though so order up a size normally. You are in safe hands!
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