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Proud Parent
Apr 14, 2022
My 11yo daughter's gym stopped offering Xcel, as the only Xcel coach quit a week before regionals. They couldn't find a replacement and had to kill the program entirely--though they kept it on life support with the JO teams through Regionals.
DD did really well, because the block only extended to her BT--which she didn't need for XS.
But now it's her BH, and she has to change gyms. Her tryouts have been going okay since she can pull together a lovely BH in a pinch, but she has a "come work out with us for a week and see if you like it," with a new gym happening next week.

There's no way she'll "get over" the block before then, and I really can't help her much because I'm just her mother telling her she's wonderful. She really needs a coach. Well, what she REALLY needs is stability.

We've offered to put her in a new sport, and that gets a solid NO. She LOVES gymnastics and competing. She does advanced rec classes (old gym) and open gym sessions (difft gym w no programming) every chance she gets--though they usually end in frustration.

Should I call the new tryout gym and explain? They must have dealt with this kind of thing before, but they don't know her, and if they reject her because of it she's going to be absolutely devastated. Maybe I should call for that reason alone? If they're going to nope her for the block, just find another gym before it even has a chance to happen?


Proud Parent
Sep 1, 2020
I would have the conversation. It is not uncommon for gymnasts to have a mental block on 1 or 2 skills at any given time.

the coaches reaction will be the biggest indicator of how they will deal with mental blocks now and in the future. To be honest, if they reject her b/c of the block then you definitely don't want to be at that gym. You want a coach that will work with your child regardless of a mental block and HOW they do that is critical to making her feel supported.


Proud Parent
Dec 30, 2017
I wouldn't worry about it, added pressure won't help the situation, just let her go and have fun. More important is if she likes the new gym, coaches, and teammates and if it is a good fit. They can coach the missing skills if the fit is good.
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