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Feb 22, 2021
So, I've had a solid, and powerful roundoff handspring for 2 years. I have lots of speed and power in my tumbling, and know how to control it. I started to work on my roundoff backhand-spring back tuck in January and haven't been able to do it, and now I only have two weeks until tryouts and I need to get it. I do drills such as tuck jumps, ro bhs tuck jumps, and drills for getting my feet behind me. Everytime I try to do my ro bhs tuck I just end up doing a really high backhandspring. What do I do?
Try doing them off tumbl trak or into the pit. You can do a round off back handspring really high rebound and you coach can flip you.
Another thing to do just think through each thing ro bhs now stand up now flip
Have you tried the drill for a standing back tuck where you get a coaching block, put a wedge shaped mat on top of it? Stand with the block and the wide end of the wedge behind you and try to jump like you would a back tuck? You land on the wedge and roll down it like a backward roll.

Well you could try this a few times, then start doing a round off, landing just before the coaching block and do the jump into a high backward roll thing. The presence of the coaching blocks might stop you from trying to do a back handspring. This may help to reset your brain, it is hard when learning a new skill for your brain to detect it as separate from other skills. Good luck!
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