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May 25, 2009
I am having a mental block on my BHS on beam and backflip and floor. On beam I will do my backhandspring on the floor beam with a sting mat but I can't do it on the floor beam without the sting mat even with a spot! I used to be able to do it on the big beam that had a mat on it all the time by myself but I one day just stopped. I don't know why! On my backflip on floor I competed it 2 years with no problem but at the begining of summer i lost it for a couple or weeks and then got it back. Tuesday I lose it again and am really worried. Especially cause I was working on twisting and doing a front flip stepout ROBHS back tuck. Even if I get it back what if I lose it again right before competition and don't compete it! Any adive?
for the bhs im having the same problem on beam. however, im having trouble taking away the last mat and doing it w/o any mats on highbeam. try counting 1..2..3 and GO! this helps you. also do some on the line...if you can do it on a line, you can do it on the beam:D
for floor, what specifically do you mean you 'lost' it? i know what you mean, but are you scared for some reason? are you just not going for it?
hope this helps!!!:)
I'm also the kind of person who doesn't do my BHS on beam if I wait a while. I have to go almost right away. And for my backflip on floor I one day just stopped flipping. I can still do my standing backflip. I guess I am scared but I don't know why.
On beam just step up, count to 3 then go. If you don't go walk up and down the beam once and then try again. It helps me if I'm nervious and it gives me time to get my head together and go. And for the back tuck, try doing it on the tumble track a couple times, Or have a coach spot you a couple of times. Personally if I were you I would just chuck it the first couple of times and then get comfortable again. But you may not want to take that advise, that just helps me on floor. idk why though. lol
Hope I helped
I have a mental block on my beam series, back handspring back handspring.
-Cam, level 8
I also had a mental block with front handsprings for a while that was a really long time ago though so I don' t know how I solved it...sorry...
I had a mental block on both for a while after missing my hands on the high beam, and falling on my back tuck. For my back handsprings, I just stand in the middle of the beam, take two steps forward, and go immediately. I don't even think about pausing or falling. And remember, that you can't hurt yourself badly on the floor beam. And coaches are very good spotters. Once a teammate of mine was practicing her flyaway, and sometimes she doesn't go when she says she will. So she did her two tap swings, then on the third it appeared that she wasn't going to go. But instead she let go to flip on the way back, and our coach who had no idea what she was doing caught her before she even touched the ground. My teammate was almost the same height as the coach. Anyways, getting off topic here, when ever I have a mental block, I just go. It may not always be the smart idea, but I just go without even thinking fully and let muscle memory take over. Remember, no one has ever died on a back tuck.

on floor, start with a ROBH rebound. then on your next turn do a back. but you should probably use key words or 'mental choreography'. so like in your round off think tight round off. in your back handspring think snap down big set. with your back, when you do it, think like set, tuck, open. i know some people " can't " talk to themselves when they do skills, but when you learn how to say key words, it distracts your mind from going to negative thoughts and images of you getting hurt from stopping and other stuff. since your saying key words your mind is focused, and busy. when you dont thhink, your mind is free to do what ever it wants basically. so if even a glimse of a scary thought comes, it can ruin everything. so i use key words on basically everything. bc i get scared of skills way to easily. and i just gave sugestions of what to say to yourself, like what ever makes you feel more comfortable, use that. like for me, im scared of back tumbling, but i use key words to help me get over it. in my round off i say " quick round off "then in my back handspring i say " tight legs" and then "set". i say it for every pass. back, layout, and full. i also say my key words twice to myself before i run into my pass, so that way its in my brain . but yeah, hope this helps you with your floor. :)
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