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Mental blocks Any advice????

Discussion in 'Gymnast Forum' started by nicole.gymnast, Mar 16, 2017.

  1. nicole.gymnast

    nicole.gymnast Banned Banned Gymnast

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    Hi everyone-
    I am new to Chalk Bucket and saw this as a great way to find advice. I am a passionate gymnast that really takes it seriously and wants perfection. About 6 months ago...I was doing giant layouts fine. Then one Saturday practice, I fit my toes on the bar so I went up and did it again but I hit my shins really hard and it was bleeding (Still have a scar) That caused me to lose it, I did kip cast hand layouts for sometime until I got scared of that, so I did cast layouts. I got scared of those because of the bad fall memories. Then I did swing tuck flyaway. I got scared somehow, so I did them wih spot. Then...I gotscared to even let go. At one point, I got my cast tuck flyaway back for a week then I lost it again. Today, I cant do a swing swing tuck flyaway with spot all because of that bad fall on a giant layout. I get depressed because of it, and It is so annoying because I want to because a big gymnast when I grow up and I lost my dismount. My mom has done everything she can because I cant sleep well since I keep on thinking of the flyaway. I cry in big meltdowns and I just simply want it back. Please dont tell me to just let go. I KNOW. But my brain is messing with me. Help please.

  2. flipandfly

    flipandfly Member Gymnast

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    First of all, *hugs*

    Now for advice:
    1) If you search Chalkbucket with the word "flyaway" many threads that come up will have to do with blocks. These threads are filled with advice and tips that have worked for many people. You will find that this is a very common skill to block on and that once time and creative approaches are used, success ensues. Don't give up. You may notice that I posted about a flyaway block awhile ago as well.
    2) Go back to basics. I will swear by this. Can you do timers onto your back in the pit? Can you have your coach spot you on an over their shoulder slow motion flyaway on the low bar? Can you simply rock with a rod and let go of it after three rocks?
    3) Get creative. Flying trapeze flyaway? Harness flyaway? If those are a little far-fetched, then Watching videos of yourself doing flyaways? Visuals?
    Best of luck.
  3. LilAdultTumbler

    LilAdultTumbler New Member Proud Relative Gymnast

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    I am the mental block queen. So...while I have no experience doing flyaways (on bars I pretty much only have a pullover) I have two things that help me on my blocks:
    1). Like what Flipandfly said, "Go back to basics!" Start over like you are learning the skill again. Work up to doing the skill.
    2) Stop visualizing your failures and focus your mind on times you've done the skill well! Visualize yourself doing it successfully. Do you have video of you doing the skill? Watch that over and over. Take the negative energy out of your mind. You have the skill in you!

    Sometimes taking a break from the skill and focusing on others helps too.

    Good luck!

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