mental blocks :(

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How do you all deal with mental blocks? I was fine with back tumbling, but for some reason when it comes to punch fronts...i'm like really scared to go for it. Yeah, I know I'm gunna fall and stuff at first but for some reason I had no problem with back tumbling but frontwards brings out my worst fears! So what do you girls do to get past that?
Aug 30, 2008
well, you could have either a) a coach stand there or b) work them on trampoline, then tumble track, then the floor int the pit, then onto a mat, then on the floor with out a mat or anything
this is assuming you have everything listed in b available to you and you are allowed to do that
Sep 9, 2007
Go slow!

Start doing front tucks until you can do them with your eyes shut.
Then try do front handsprings on the pit with a mat on top.
Then do them on a resi mat.
Then do them on floor. :)

Its just building up your confidence. Be glad you don't have to do beam LOL!


Jul 5, 2007
Break the skill down.

Even if you can do the lead ups, when you come to the blocked point, go back and "review."

First skill: forward roll (see, you can front tumble!)
Then, dive forward roll from stand (small jump onto hands, support on hands, then roll)
Small run, punch dive forward roll onto resi or mats or wherever punch front attempt will be shortly performed.
Same thing with more rotation=likely not quite right front tuck, but past the first hurdle of attempting it anyway

I know in a non-open gym situation you can't usually set up a mat stack (which would be ideal to do the punch dive roll up to) but for most of this you should be able to "warm up" on the side and I'd guess the coach would be okay with these lead ups, just let them know you are having problems trying the punch front.
Dec 8, 2007
Exactly what gymdog said.When I'm scared to do something I just imagine the worst possible thing that can happen. So for a front tuck the worst thing that can possibly happen is probably you completely wiping out and landing either on your back or over rotating and landing on your face. Thats not too bad is it?I'm not saying that you should give up but there are alternatives. I know people who have such blocks on a skill that they stopped doing that skill


thank you everyone. I kept this advice in mind today and i feel like I got a little further. One step at a step at a time. And no I will not quit!!!
Dec 5, 2008
okay im a gymnast too and i have to tell you EVERYONE has mental blocks!

what i do is i picture my self doing the skill im scared of.

i use to be scared of front punches too, but i had put some mats down on the floor and that really helped me and i realized that falling is no big deal.
so that really helped, once i could do a front flip with mats i took it away and just told myself that i could do it.
thats all you have to do. it may take time but it will pay off. i hope this helps you... good luck


Just imagine you still have the mat or tumble track there and then picture yourself doing it perfect 1000 times and not getting hurt. Some skills may seem to be much scarier than others but if your coach says you can do it, believe them. Your coach doesn't want to see you fail and get hurt, they are telling you to do it because they know you can.
Good luck :)


cool man 8D

Cool! were like polar opposites Mike!
I got FHS fast, but it took me forever to get BHS right.
The best thing i can tell you is remember your handstands and try and force yourself to follow the rythm of someone who does the excercise well and everything will just fall into place ;D
That doesnt get very technical but i hope it helps =D
Dec 16, 2007
Ontario, Canada
I don't know what equipment you have at your gym, but this is how i learned them with limited equipment at my gym:
1. beat board onto resi (you can start doing dive roll first if that makes you more comfortable)
2. tramp (with spot if you want)
3. mini tramponto soft "squishy" mat (for lack of a better term lol)
4. beat board onto soft "squishy" mat
4. then when your comfortable doing it off the beat board, try it on the floor with a spot.

if you have a pit that would be a good place to start, then you can add a mat when your confident you can land it, then a resi to practice getting enough height

basically i try gaining up confidence at each progression until I'm confident enough to do the next progression, then the next, etc. so it will make it easier when you are starting it on the floor

- visulize yourself doing it perfectly and exaclty how you want it to be before you do it.
- It also helps me to remind my self during a skill to be confident. (so i dont bail) Tell yourself you are going to do it, and follow through! confidence is key

and seriously, if you don't bail out half way through the worst thats going to happen is you'll hit your feet/heels and land on your butt.

good luck!
you'll get it soon enough.
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