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Nov 9, 2007
Meet Report

Cate had another meet this weekend. Some great and some not so great scores. The dreaded squat-on was an issue this meet, and unusually low scores on floor, but it is what it is, right?

She was happy to start out on floor. It looked great to me but the judges saw something different. Score 8.875, no place by .025.

Vault, big vault, 9.225 good for 4th place.

Bars, missed that darn squat-on 7.80.

And beam, no place but didn't fall, coach still making me crazy by wanting to spot her.

Never could load her last meets videos, I'll try again tonight with this one. All in all she was happy and that's what is important to me.:D
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Feb 26, 2007
So glad she came away happy with her success. Nice vault score!

Amazing how that squat on can just go away when it's been around forever.


DD had a whole year of no squat on... it eventually passed and am sure it will for your DD, too. seems so long ago...
Nov 9, 2007
I know, and coach, who I absolutely love, tried to grab her arm in warm-ups. I know he was trying to help, but it just made things worse.
All the girls but 1 had a rough meet, and I asked coach afterwards if this wasn't supposed to be a confidence builder, and he said no, he was trying to be tough tonight to get them ready for States.

DD says that she got her state qualifier again and that made her soooo happy. I love these girls and their ability to see the rainbow through the rain, don't you?


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Aug 16, 2008
Congrats on that state qualifying score! We'd love for her to come and give us some vault lessons, too...awesome job on vault.
Hope she "finds" that squat on soon. It is such a bummer when skills disappear for awhile!:eek:


Proud Parent
Feb 19, 2007
WOW Debi... from my side of the fence post, those look like great scores! Congrats to her on qualifying for her state competition... I always feel like everything goes better for them once they reach that milestone in the season!!! Can't wait to watch the video w/Katy!
Sep 8, 2007
Great job Cate! Defitnly most important was that she was happy with herself.My dd just started practing her squat on and was so happy that she got it every time the 1st couple of practices now she only gets every so often and its bumming her out.


Congrats on qualifying for state! Huge accomplishment. I love what you said about "seeing the rainbow through the rain". I'm going to use that on my daughter the next time she is feeling down after practice (which seems to be alot lately!)
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