Parents Metroplex Challenge Lvl 8 Results

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Well, I'd say the little one pulled her scores up just a bit this week at the Metroplex Challenge in Dallas...

Beam 9.025 (from a 7.9)
Bars 9.550 (from a 9.3)
Floor 9.550 (from a 9.4)
Vault 8.650 (from a 8.375)

I think the most exciting thing about this meet was that she actually did her Yurchenko, she hasn't competed it before so this was a BIG step for her!!!

I am just so proud of her!
Way to go Anita!! :applause: Great job standing up that second vault. Beautiful bars and floor too! Talented kid you have there.
I think she's pretty neat but then, I'm biased! Thanks for the compliment she really has come a long way this year already. It's so hard to believe that she's still only 9!
Wow she did awesome. She has just gorgeous poise and her switch leap on beam is incredible.
I loved her floor routine a lot.
Way to go on her vault... :) Congrats to her all around.
Our level 8-10s were at that meet too:) I will be excited to hear how they did tonight when I see some of their moms at the gym. Our poor level 8-10 girls have just been dosed by injuries in the past month though:( It is sad because they were all injury free pretty much all off season and then their meets started up in January and boom boom boom... 3 of the top girls broke their foot.

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