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Oct 13, 2020
I'm from Australia and am curious about the system for middle school gymnastics.
What are the requirements and what levels are they similar to? Is it true that they use Xcel requirements?
If anyone knows, that would be great!
Where I am at there is no gymnastics in Middle School, just in HS. Its very similar to Level 8 in terms of requirements/scoring but I would say there are kids competing a range of skills from Xcel Gold(ish) to level 10 skills. The only thing that sucks around here is they don't have spring floors its basically a carpet on a wrestling mat so it definitely makes floor tumbling more difficult.
To score well you need level 8ish skills but yes you can compete with less or compete with more and score better. But once again thats HS there is no Middle school gymnastics here.
Not open for further replies.