Might not move up this year?! Should I quit?

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Apr 25, 2017
Hey guys so I'm kind of worried I might not move up levels for the 2017-2018 meet season...

I'm training level 5 and have all the skills I need to move up for level 5 except on bars but none of the level 4's training 5 have the skills either

One of my close level 7 friends told me that the coach for level 5 told her (she is close to that coach so I don't think she would lie) that if I didn't get my bars I most likely would move up what should I do?

We still have a lot of summer training left till competition season but last year I really struggled with bars scoring low 6's and by the last meet still not getting an 8!!

None of the girls have their flyaway or clear hip so I don't know why they would only talk about me?
Amy advice ?


I definitely wouldn't recommend quitting over not moving up! As you said, you have all summer to get your skills, I wouldn't worry just yet. Repeating level 4 wouldn't be the end of the world either, it's not uncommon to repeat it. It just means you'll have an even better season than the last! Also, is xcel an option for you? The skills are way more flexible and you get to tailor your routines to your strengths. So that's always a possibility too. Best of luck!


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Apr 12, 2017
First, a coach should NEVER talk about a gymnast with another gymnast, unless the gymnast in question there with them. For your question, no as long as you have fun. If there is hardly ever uptraining, you could get bored. Then you can quit, or look for another gym or program (Xcel as an example)
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